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March 29, 2013

Interview Experiences of IBPS Clerks - Govind Trivedi


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Name - Govind Trivedi

Interview date
- 23rd march 

Qualification - BCA

- Executive  Building, White House,budhha marg, Patna, Bihar

Written Score
- 123(Gen)

- IV

Members of the Panel
- 4 Members (M1,F1,M2,M3)

I reached the venue at 12 noon as my interview time was 1 pm. We entered in the verification room around 12:50pm. Each panel consists of 25 candidates but there were only 18 to 20 candidates in my panel. After verification the interview process started. I was on number 5 in my panel but had to appear as 3rd because 2 candidates were absent.

I entered in the room and gently pushed the door. I wished all of them...they also wished me and asked me to sit. After that they threw 3-4 ques at a time about my father and my family members.
M2: Haan to trivedi ji....tell me about ur father,from where you many brothers and sisters you are....what is your Score?
me: I told them that my father is a retd. Dy. Sp from police department and we are 4 brothers and sisters and i belong to muzaffarpur,bihar. My score is 123.
M2: What is your brother doing?
me: my brother is working in a private firm in bangalore after MBA.
M1: ok govind what you have prepared for this interview?
me: Sir basic banking terms and from my subject.
M1: have u prepared gk?
(as i was confused to say yes or no and thought for a while)
me: i said sorry sir , i haven't prepared gk.
M1: hmmm...koi baat tm banking terms padh ke aaye tell me first what is banking?
me: sir banking is process where bank accepts the deposits of the public for the purpose of lending and investments.
M1: hmm your answer is correct but you are missing something in this definition...
me: ( i thought for a while and with a smiling face i said sorry sir i m unable to find the missing one)
M1: he said that u are mentioning the word repayment of deposits of customers....customers ka paisa bank nai lautayega to kya bank kaam karega??
me: i smiled and said sorry sir aaj tk yhi definition pata tha bt thankyou sir, i will add this information also.
M1: he smiled and said good. After that he asked me to tell the two fucntions of RBI.
me: i said...regulator of monetary policy and issuer of currency.
M1: he asked what is monetary policy?
me: It is a process through which rbi controls the flow of money in the market.
M2: how it controls?
me: by increasing or decreasing its key rates like repo,crr,slr,omo.
After this M2 shifted to F1.
F1: so what you have studied from your subject?
me: mam fundamentals of computer,networking.
F1: So tell me one difference between Ram and ROM.
me: mam RAM is volatile but ROM is non- volatile.
F1: tell me the types of ROM.
F1: ok,what is Ms-DOS?
me-mam its disk operating system in which we have to give command for execution of files or any particulat task.
F1: after this,she was looking satisfied with my answers she turned to M2 and told him to ask.
in this meanwhile M3 who was looking at my documents suddenly asked me a question?
M3: with a laughter.. beta tell me three vedas as you are a trivedi...hahahaa...started laughing(all the panel members started laughing)
me: with a big smile i told them..atharvaveda,samveda,yajurveda.
M1: with a smile ..and tell the fourth one.
me: its rigveda sir.
M3: hmmm...good.
again M1 started.
M1: What is NPA?
me: i said its non-performing assets and just stopped.
M1: are defnition to batao...hahaha..(all started laughing)
me: i was also smiling all my foolishness bt then after i answered that those assests which are not performing for banks are called non performing assets.
M1: ok how you can say that the assets are non-performing?
me: i said sir if a customer took a loan and haven't paid it on a mandated date then after 90 days it announced as npa.
M1: he said only loan or anything else??
me: yes sir loan.
M1: aree beta sirf loan kaise..uska installment aur interest v na chukana hoga..
me: sorry sir and thank you sir for this information.
Suddenly again M3 who was silent started a doha which considered my name i.e was like Guru Govind dono khare kako laage pau...
M3: tell me meaning of this doha.
me: i got nervous because i didn't understand what he was asked him to say again.he again repeated the doha.
as i started to tell the meaning and was going correct, he himself told the meaning and started laughing.
M1: who has written this doha?
me: sorry sir, i have read it in class 5 or 6 but not remembering it now.
M3: koi baat nai beta,mere ghar me v yahi haal hai,mera bhi beta aap hi ke age ka hai,usse bhi puchta hun to nai batata hai..
M1: yahi problem hai aaj ke generation ki...kabir,kalidas ye sb ka doha nai padhte ho.
me: sir padha to tha par sir confuse hoon, so sir its better to say sorry rather to tell anyone's name.
M1: haan but if we ask you to say the names of 5 heroines you definately answer it....(sabhi log jor ke thahake lagane lage)
me: yes sir but aisi baat nai hai...i also couldn't control myself and laughed with them bt they were enjoying.
M3: okk beta you may leave now...aur tension mat lena.
me: no no sir tension kyu lunga,thankyou sir.
M1: jao jao beta bahut der lag gaya tmhre me...he was laughing at that time also.
me: i thanked them all and came out of the room with a smiling face.

My interview took 15-18 mins but i couldn't realized that how the time passed. But overall my interview was good. All the members of the panel were very friendly. They shown a special interest on me as they were little bit personal with me. Lets see how many marks i will get in the interview.

We are very thankful to Mr Govind Trivedi on behalf of our readers and team members for his contribution and detailed analysis (including answers). We wish him great success in his interview. 

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  1. hmm..very funny and interesting interview..I'm also a BCA graduate and some questions asked to me were similar to you..


  2. Interesting! Really helpful as alos a I'm BCA graduate.

  3. govind.. did you got selected ????


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