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March 21, 2013

IBPS Clerks II Interview Experiences - Karthik Prakash


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Friends,  here is the Common Interview Experience of IBPS Clerks from Chennai shared by our friend Mr M.Karthik Prakash. He has successfully completed his interview on 18th March 2013. We are very thankful to him on behalf of our team members and readers for his great contribution and we wish him success in his interview. Read his Interview Experience in his own words.

Name : M.Karthik Prakash 
Qualification : BE, MBA

Date : 18.03.2013

Place : Chennai

Venue :  IOB

Time :  8.30 AM

I reached there at Around 7.45 am, but was waiting in a large queue in front of gate for 30 to 40 min for entry registration in a main gate. I feel sweating and climate was so hot.

After I moved  to the interview block @ 8.30, I registered my entrance once again in the entrance of the interview block.

after 10 min its around 8.45 am, they instructed me to go for interview panel floor.

After all the necessary formalities are done (Certificate verification, etc.,) I entered into the room.

In my panel there is 4 panel members,

1 female and 3 males.

I say good morning sir and good morning mam,

two of the panel member said me to sit down - i say thank you. 
Here are the questions they have asked.

M1: where are are you from ( asked me in tamil)
M2: Proper Dharmapuri or other
M3: whats your qualification - i said BE, MBA
M3: why did you choose MBA in Banking and insurance  - i told am very much interested in sector. that only i choose MBA in BANKING & INSURANCE.
M3: You know the latest technology in banking compare to ours(ie., 4 panel members). Shall i ask questions from that. i told yes sir, if i know i will answer.
M3: What are come under ASSETS SIDE & LIABILITIES SIDE? i answered.
M2: Savings a/c Come under ASSETS / Liabilities Side - i answered.
M1: Tell about your family members.
M1: r u married? u have 3 elder sisters all are married?
M2: Y u not interested to join as S.I (POLICE) your father job? - I told my mom was interested but my father was not interested in that they told me to study well.
M4 ( Female ) : asked me about insurance in banking - i answered.
M3: Do you know about ECGC - i answered
M2: LOC - letter of credit. and they ask me u know the process i told i here i know basic but i didnt know detail. i studied but i cant recall now.
M3: u cleared PO u can prefer po or clerk- i answered 1st PO, 2nd Clerk
M2: generally all are same.
M1: r u willing to work in any where in case u got a job in PO u can travel to other state r u willing: i told yes.
M3: u r staying here or not: i told no am in my native only.
M3: when u came here where u stay - i told saturday and i stay in my frd room.
M3: whats ur frd doing - i told he is working in Standard Chattered bank.
M2: what is diff b/w Standard chattered bank and IOB - I answered.
M4: what type of other banks in India: i answered.

Over all all the panel members are friendly.....

Finally all the members wished me All the very best.

I said Thank You and Left.

Hope it helps Friends. All the best to all...

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  1. Is the whole interview asked in Tamil

  2. Thank u for sharing whats your mark

  3. Hi karthik....
    Can I know your panel number??? pls tell me..


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