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March 25, 2013

Interview Experience of IBPs Clerk 2 Rajasthan - Ankit Yadav

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Friends, here is the interview experience of IBPS Clerks 2 from Rajasthan shared by our friend Mr Ankit Yadav He successfully completed his interview on 21st March 2012 at Jaipur. Now he is sharing his experience with us. We are very thankful to him on behalf of our readers and team members for his contribution and we wish him great success in his interview. Read his experience in his own words.

Name - Ankit Yadav

Qualification - MCA,BSC

Date of Interview - 21-03-2012

Time - 1 pm

Venue - Jaipur, Rajasthan

Panel - IV

First My document verified and my turn was 2nd in list.
After 1 hour at 2:10 I got the chance to enter into the room.
I knocked at  the door, and say may I come in sir, They replied come in...
There were 4 members, one of them was a lady, first I wished mam, and later wished Sirs
They asked me to sit down...  I replied thank u sir and sat down.

After that the real interview starts..

M1-hello mr. ankit,from where You Are?
Me-Sir, I m from jhotwara,jaipur.One of them smiled because he was also from jhotwara,jaipur.
M2-tell me about our family.
Me-I replied.
M2-tell me about your qualification.
M3-What is bank Rate.also percentage.
I replied.
M4-u have done mca, tell me about phishing
she also asked about-hacking, html,e commerce.
I replied all question.
at last m2 asked-about today's newspaper.
At last they tell me-Best of Luch Ankit.
I think they were impressed from me and really panel was supportive.Thank u God.

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