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March 26, 2013

Bank Clerks Interview Experiences - Divya


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Friends, here is a special interview experience shared by our friend Divya J from Kerala. She is sharing her interview experiences of SBI and IBPS clerks. One was horrible and the other was very impressive. We hope this post not only helps the aspirants to do well in the interview but also gives moral strength to face horrible situations in interviews. We are very thankful to miss Divya for her contribution and we wish her great success in her interview.




TIME:  1.00 PM


First of all i would like to say that IBPS Clerks is my second interview after  SBI & its  associates interviews. I would like to share a little bit about my 1st interview if u don't mind :) 

SBI Clerks 
I prepared all the bank terms,my subjects,g.k etc for the interview.My first interview was really horrible. It was like they were interviewing just for rejecting the candidate rather than selecting. They kept on arguing with me for each & everything,but i stayed cool. They asked me situational questions & some unexpected questions like 'Name of Mr.Obama's daughters' etc. I was in a shock for a week after such an interview, but still kept my expectations high that i will get selected.Result was that 'I was not selected'.

Here goes my 2nd interview experience(IBPS CLERK 2 INTERVIEW)
I went on with a heavy heart with less expectations for my 2nd interview after failure in the 1st one.
I reached the venue at 12.00 pm.We were made to sit.Then at around 12.30 pm all the candidates were asked to go to conference hall on 1st floor.Attendance was taken & i came to know that i was the last one in my panel(full attendance on that day).Certificate verification was there & they tell you the order in which you have to keep the certificate .Kindly take whatever certificates you have & their photostats.The employees there were really very friendly.They made us comfortable,i didn't get bored for a single minute.At last my turn came at around 6.45 pm.There were 4 members in my panel(3 males & 1 female).
i opened the door .I said 'May i get in please'
M1:Please get in.
me:Gudevening mam,gudevening sirs.
M1:Very gudevening Divya.
I was really happy with this gesture.
M1:sorry divya,u wer made to wait so long.
me:its k sir,no problem.
M1:i hope u will get the last train.
me:I said i can manage.its k sir.
M1:So its 2 yrs since you finished studies,What wer u doing?(I answered)
M1:Did u get in any other banks or got placed in any company?(I answered)
M1:How many members r there in ur family?(I answered)
M1:Will they allow u to go anywhere in India?(answered)
M2:what are the different types of deposits?(i answered)
M1:Do u hav any account in any bank?(answered)
M1:how do you get the interest for it?Daily or monthly?(this was the only question i couldn't answer,I said sorry,i donno sir)
M2:which are deposits for which u get interest?(answered)
M2:what is e_banking(answered)
M1:what are the documents required for opening an account?& why?(Answered,M3 helped me a little for answering this questions :))
M1:where does your father work?(answered)
M1:Are u fluent in malayalam?can u read & write?Bcoz u are required to read & write in malayam while working in bank.(I said,yes ofcourse sir).
M3:will there be any language problems if u are placed in any northern state?(I said no sir,I know hindi)
M3:Who built tajmahal?note:m3 asked me questions in hindi(I answered in hindi)
F1:What is ur hobby?(answered)
F1:do u sing?(i said no mam)
M1:even if u say u sing we won't make u sing :)
me:no sir i don't :)
M2:I think u can manage customers very well
me:yes ofcourse sir :)
M1:k thank u Divya.That all.
finally M1 shook my hands & said 'All the best',He offered me chocolates :)
To my surprise my 2nd interview was really very good (atleast i felt so)don't know what the panel felt about me..All the members were friendly & i was made to feel like i was at my home..
Thank u friends..Let me know how was my interview.
I don't know what would be the result.But i hope for the best to happen. All the best friends :)

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  1. hi divya...i felt tht u hav done well...wishing u all the success...
    wats ur cwe score and ur panel no.?

  2. Hi divya

    You have done very well,hope for the best.All the best

    1. Thank you so much Sharadha.All the best to you too :)

  3. if they offered u choclates then damn sure u have been selected..

    1. Mr vishnu reddy.. They r offering chocolates to all candidates.. I got 2 chocolates. When i took 1 they take one more 4 my husband..

    2. Thanks Mr Vishnu Reddy.The interview was easy for everyone on that day & everyone got chocolates for themselves & family :)

  4. For me they didn't ask about local language, just wondering why, cos they have asked to read/write local lang to most.

    1. don't worry,i was also nt asked to read/write in local language..

  5. congratz Divya..hope u got offer

  6. Divya did u went for any coaching ?

  7. IBPs is damn good compare to sbi horrible interviews u r selected diya don wry.


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