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March 25, 2013

Interview Experience Clerks - II IBPS - Harinder Pal Singh


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Friends, here is the Interview Experience of IBPS Clerks from Chandigarh shared by our friend Harinder Pal Singh. We are very thankful to him for his great contribution (especially for the detailed analysis of the document verification process and the interview). We wish him great success in his interview :). Read his interview experience in his own words.... 

Name:- Harinder Pal Singh

Interview Date:- 22-March-2013

Place:- Punjab National Bank, Sec 17-B, Chandigarh

Written Score:- 121

 Panel:- I

Panel Members:- M1, M2, M3, F1 ( All are almost at their retirement age)

I reached the venue around 7:50, the person at the gate told me to wait for some time. they allowed us to get in around 8:45. There were total 24 students for interview in my panel. 4-5 of them were absent.

IMPORTANT NOTE : Kindly take all your original documents and photocopies self attested, regardless they have asked in the interview call letter or not. They have asked for the recent employment proof document from me which luckily i had. Take everything you ever earned with you along with their photocopies, you never know when they ask for the document.

Here is the pattern how they want you to arrange your documents, according to the document the panel has from IBPS:

1) IBPS online application print out.
2) Your photo Identification proof ( DL, Passport, Pan Card etc.)
3) Your DOB proof 10th/12th mark sheet.
4) Your Graduation mark-sheets ( starting from your 1st sem till last )
5) Your Graduation Degree Certificate ( or provisional degree if someone doesn't have it )
6) Your Interview Call Letter

Apart form this they were checking every single documents regarding your candidature. If someone fails to produce a document at that time they will give you an undertaking form to fill for IBPS Mumbai, that you don't have the document right now with you but I think the person was telling the candidates that you need to send this form along with scanned copies of the documents you don't have to IBPS mumbai.

My documents verification along with other candidates is done at around 10:30. Then they started calling candidates according to their name in the attendance sheet. Mine was 12th.

Here come the moment I was waiting for the interview. I was very nervous while entering the room. But all it gone in sudden when i entered the room and M1 Called me by my name in my home language punjabi " Aao ji Harinder Pal Ji kyaa haal chal hai.. Aao baitho chair pe."

Interview went whole in local language punjabi.

M1: What is your score in IBPS?
I answered its 121 sir.

Where are you from ?

Have you read today's news paper?
I said yes sir.
What are the current headlines?

I mentioned one major National and one International news, he said i want to hear some news in which Indians have successfully failed Europeans. I was confused. Then he said let me give you some hint, news is regarding Italy. I immediately told him that Italy is set to send their marines back to India. He was convinced.

You are from IT background, I am not sure why everyone coming here having big degrees and they are applying for clerk job. ( In my panel there were candidates from CA, MBA background too)
I very politely explained him that how much competition is there in IT sector and there is almost no job security as most of the jobs are in private sector. Then he said the job security is not there because you people shift job too frequently, I said sir i am working in same company from last 5 years but still everyday i feel like they can fire me if they get someone with low salary. He was convinced with this statement.

M2: Why don't you try for specialist officers or PO? Have you given the IBPS specialist officers exam and the SBI PO one which is next month?
I said yes sir I have given the specialist officers exam, and also enrolled for the SBI PO.
M1: That is good, you will find it convincing to yourself when you clear such exam, here in clerical you might be feeling like you are lost in crowd of the people who are less qualified than you.

I said but sir I don't want to miss any opportunity comes in my way, clerical is not just the limit, i will keep trying for internal promotions and also the higher jobs. Banking is very fast growing field and want to grow along with it.

M2: What are the extra curricular activities you participated during college and any social activity you took part?

Answered well. I told them i took part in cricket tournament in college, he asked me what was your job in your team, I said i was batmen, what order you played? i said 2nd down.

M1: to F1 > "Madam ji aap hi kuch pooch lo" with smile

F1: So you are from chandigarh, ever heard of Rose Garden? What is the name of person who created it.

Answered ( Zakir's Rose Garden )

Who is the founder of Rock Garden?

Answered ( Nek Chand Saini )

What is the full form of PHd?

I said i can't memorize it mam. Sorry.

What is full form of MBBS?

Sorry, I dont know it :(

Ok give me some names of important persons died last year?

I said Dara Singh, Yash chopra, Rajesh Khanna..

She said anyone from your city?  I was confused, then she said Jaspal Bhatti is the person. I said yes mam, sorry i forgot that.

There was some discussions going on and somehow it came to Strikes topic.

M1: Strike karogey?

I said Sir sarkaari job mil jaaye fir strikes to hoti rehti hai. All laughed on this.

M3: To tum sarkaari job Strike karne k liye to nai le rahe?

Smiled and said No Sir, but one has to be with the employees union and unity is strength. After all they are not doing it for fun.

To kya Strike karna acchi baat hai?

I said Yes sir if its for your rights and benefits which are justified.

He was pretty happy with my answer.

M1: Ok Harinder you can leave now have a good day.

Thank you so much Sir, with smile i left the room.

Nothing not even a single point asked about banking. So do with the rest of the candidates.
I wish you very luck and please let me know how was my interview. Hope it was not that bad. :)
Wish you everyone a very best of luck with your interview and selection process.

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  2. thanks!!!! Tomorrow will be the last day

  3. Hi friends. The most frequent questions asked in the interview are, meaning of your name (you should know whether your name have any poet name, god name, city name, etc.), family background, go thorough with indian rupee note and cheque, they r asking in 100 rs note, what have written above the governor's signature and how many types of language r printed in rupee note, hobbies, and the current events..

    All the best.

  4. my university only issued me semester wise and final degree. I don't have consolidated marks sheet ... will there be any issue ?

  5. my university only issued me semester wise and final degree. I don't have consolidated marks sheet ... will there be any issue ?

  6. I have govt given caste certificate..Is it necessary to take IBPS prescribed format caste certificate?pls help me

  7. I have govt given caste certificate..Is it necessary to take IBPS prescribed format caste certificate?


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