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March 20, 2013

IBPS CWE Clerical Interview Experience - Anjana Jayaraj


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Friends, here is the Interview Experience shared by our friend Anjana Jayaraj. She has attended the interview on 19th March 2013 at Calicut (Kerala). We would like to thank her on behalf of our readers and team members for her great contribution to helping other aspirants. Especially for her detailed analysis of the verification process and for her valuable suggestions. We wish her great success in her interview. Here is her Interview Experience in her own words.

NAME                        :    ANJANA JAYARAJ

QUALIFICATION      :   B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering

INTERVIEW DATE   :    19th March 2013

TIME                          :     8:30 AM

PLACE                       :     CALICUT, KERALA

I reached Interview venue by 7.45am. There I saw many candidates waiting. By 8 clk they asked us to go to the conference hall. There were 3 panels. By 8.30am they took our attendance. Then they gave us the order in which we have to appear for the verification process and also for the interview. I was the 4th in my panel.  In between the senior HR Manager asked us whether everyone of us understand Malayalam, read and write in Malayalam and so…

After all the staffs reached, they started the verification process by 9.15am. Friends they are asking for all your certificates (What ever qualifications you have). You must produce the mark lists of all the semesters. Otherwise they will ask you to give a written application promising that you will produce it on the very next day.

They called out our names and asked us to go to another hall inside which there were 2 cabins where the interviews were taken.

When I entered the room I saw 3 men and a female interviewer. All except one was 50+. They were all very friendly and behaved as if you were a member of there family. My Interview started by 10.45am. Once I stepped into the room I wished them Good Morning and they wished me too. The person who appeared to be the leader of the panel said Good Morning Anjana. Then I was surprised. I greeted him with a smile.

Questions Asked :

M1: Introduce yourself.
M2: From where did you do your graduation?
M3: Were you a Day Scholar?
M1: Tell me about you family. What is your Father?
M3: What business does he do other than job?
M3: Asked me about my village as it was well known for its history.  And he asked about the temple nearby my home.
M1: Why banking after Engineering?
M1: What is a bank according to you? Why did you choose banking?
M1: Do you have a bank account? In which bank?
M1: What is a smart card? What is debit card? What is credit card?
M1: Do you visit banks? Have you watched the operations going on? What did you fell about the environment? Can you work in such an environment where employees get no rest?
F1: What is your hobby? Which dish do you like to prepare the most?
M2: Took a news paper and asked me to read the Malayalam news aloud.
M2 & M3: Asked questions from the news I read.
M3: What is the meaning of “nikuthi”? (It means tax, this question was from the news I read)Then he asked me who imposes tax?
M2: Do you have any other hobby? Can you name a famous painter of India who passed away recently clue: who changed his citizenship?
M3: Do you like to work in rural area?
F1: Actually all the vacancies are in rural areas.
M1: In rural areas there won’t be power supply and water supply and all. So will you like to work in such places?
M2: For which party did you vote for the last time and when was it?
M2: Where is BJP ruling now?
M1: Is your place known for any Industry?
M2: Is it sill working?
M1: Industries in Kerala
M2: Why do we call Tourism as an industry?
M1: What is the currency of Bahrain?
M2: Currency of Saudi Arabia and Dubai

The interviewers took above 20 minutes to interview me. At last M1 offered me chocolates.

Suggestion : Be confident and be yourself. Don’t be nervous. They are not measuring your knowledge; they are only checking how you will handle critical situations. So try to avoid creating confusions because they may attack you with it and you yourself will have to declare defeated. They don’t want people who create confusions to get out of the different matters, Instead you may tell them that you don’t know and ask them “May I Guess”.

Hope this post will help you. All the best friends.

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  1. What is your IBPS score? Was the interview in Malayalam or English?

    1. Hey,
      Are u sure that the intrvw wil b in Malayalam 4 candidates in Kerala?
      Pls confirm...

    2. Sorry for the delay friend........
      My interview was completely in English. Not a single word was uttered in Malayalam.
      I was told to read a paragraph from the malayalam news paper. That was the only thing in Malayalam. Even the questions they asked from that paragraph was in English.
      All the best friend.....

  2. Thanks for a lot for d was very useful..I have ma interview on 25th at visakhapatnam..i wish everyone good luck

  3. thanks for the valuable information anjana.......
    I have my interview on 27th at trivandrum

    1. My intrvw s also on 27th at TVM. Whats ur score? Mine s 122.

  4. thanks for sharing

  5. hey anjana,
    May i know which was ur panel bcoz i hav interview on the same venue on 24th..what did u answer for 'why banking after btech?'

    1. hi divya...
      am also having the intrvw on 24th in calicut..
      wats ur cwe score?

    2. mine is 123.wat abt u?

    3. Panel 2 Divya.
      I answered about the safety and security of the job, and that now a days banking is not only related to finance or economics. It is also about Maths, IT, Marketing, Insurance, HR, etc......
      All the best friends.

  6. thanks anjana....

  7. why didnt you post my comment. I have interview tomorrow

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks Anjana!!.

      How tp share my interview experience?


    2. You can mail us at Nethra.. We will upload it

  9. i was there infront of interview cabin at 10.45 :),, panel 2 .


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