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February 23, 2013

Previous Paper of IBPS IT Officers Professional Knowledge Section


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11.    From what location are the 1st computer instructions available on boot up?
        a.    ROM BIOS
        b.    CPU
        c.    Boot.ini
       d.    CONFIG.SYS
       e.    None of these

12.    Abstraction is ____________
         a.    The act of representing the essential features of some thing without including much detail
         b.    The act of representing the features of something much detail
         c.    A tree structure
         d.    All of these
         e.    None of these

13.    Aggregation is a special form of ______________
        a.    Generalization
        b.    Specialization
        c.    Association
       d.    Object
       e.    None of these


  1. excellent work...mam plz provide in pdf form..

  2. frnd plz provide in pdf form .it vl easy for all

  3. plz provide in pdf form it vl useful for all

  4. mam great work thank u very much. mam i facing one problem for ITofficer whether the syllabus for ece is same as cse?


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