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February 23, 2013

IBPS IT Officers Previous Paper - Professional Knowledge Section


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Friends, finally we managed to provide you with the previous paper of IBPS IT Officers Exam (Professional Knowledge Section) which was held on 11th March 2012. Hope this will give you a good idea on the structure of the professional knowledge section of upcoming IBPS IT Officers Exam. All the best Happy Reading :)

1. The tracks on a disk which can be accused without repositioning the R/W heads is 

                a.    Surface
                b.    Cylinder
                c.    Cluster
               d.    All of these
               e.    None of these

2. Which of the following is true about GUIs ?

            a.    They make computers easier to use for nonprofessionals
            b.    They use icons and menus that users can select with a mouse
            c.    Both a and b
           d.    All of these
           e.    None of these


3.    A computer system consisting of its processor, memory and I/O devices accepts data, processes it and produces the output results. Can you tell in which component is the raw data fed?
          a.    Mass memory
          b.    Main memory
          c.    Logic unit
         d.    Arithmetic unit
         e.    None of these


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