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February 15, 2013

Essay Writing Tips for Bank Exams Descriptive Paper - Planning


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This is the Lesson IV of our Bank Exams Descriptive Paper Writing (Essays) Lesson Series. Before reading this article, it is advisable to read previous lessons first. 

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Lesson II here

In our previous post we have discussed about Preparation of Essay. In this post we shall discuss about Planning.


The ideas thus generated need to be logically arranged. Main ideas and supporting (subordinate) ideas need to be properly grouped together. Identify main ideas and group the relevant ideas around each of them. Develop each main idea into an independent paragraph. This exercise will help you decide on how many paragraphs your essay will have. While planning you can use tree diagrams, a table / column or note-form as follows.
  • Topic : English in the 21st Century
  • Introduction :
    • English as the world language
    • Spread of English - an overview
  • Facts about English :
    • Users of English
    • English as a window to the world
      • Literature
      • Culture
      • Ideas
    • Use in business, trade and industry
  • Information Technology :
    • Dominance of Information Technology
    • Role of English in IT
  • Conclusion


  1. thank u so much for ur valuable help... keep it up..! :)

  2. the tips which you have provided is very will be helpful if you post more examples on essay writings...

    1. Sure friend... Yet to complete Essay writing Lessons. After completion of that we surely will give you examples..

      All the best

  3. I like it! Thanks for sharing! Those tips for writing college admission essay help me a great deal!


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