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February 15, 2013

Essay Writing Tips for Bank Exams Descriptive Paper - Preparation

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Friends, this is the Lesson III of our Essay Writing for Competitive Exams' Descriptive Papers series.

you can read Lesson I here and Lesson II here.

Preparation :

Any piece of composition has a topic, a purpose, a point of view, and an intended reader. When we write an essay we have a definite purpose like narrating, persuading, or writing an exposition. Our reading, experiences and imagination help us develop an approach which decides the treatment given to a topic of the essay. By keeping the reader in mind we decide the appropriate organization and style. The following are the major activities performed at this stage of essay writing.
  • Defining the Topic : Asking different questions about the topic helps define the topic and understand its different aspects. Look at the following questions that we may ask ourselves about the topic 'Empowerment of Women'.
    1. What is meant by 'empowerment?'
    2. What are the weaknesses and strengths of the female sex ?
    3. Do women need generous help from men?
         Here Question 1 demands definition, question 2 expects a list of characteristics and question 3  introduces an argument.
  •  Generating Ideas : Answers to these questions provide us ideas. The more questions we ask ourselves the more ideas are generated. List all these ideas as they occur to you. For jotting down, you can use tree diagrams, tables or columns. Look at the following example relevant to the topic "Pollution".

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