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January 20, 2013

Realtime IBPS Common Interview Experiences - Rajiv Ranjan Choubey

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Friends, here is the common interview experience of our Friend Mr Rajiv Ranjan Choubey from Bihar. The team wishing him great success in his interview and we would like to thank him on behalf of our readers for his great help and suggestions.

Here is Rajiv's IBPS Common Interview experience in his own words. 

Name - Rajiv Ranjan Choubey

Catogary - General (OH)

Qualification- Post Graduation (Geography)

Post Applied For - Probationary Officer (PO)

City - Ara (Bhojpur) Bihar

Venue - Central Bank of India (zonal office) Dakbangla road Patna

Date of interview- 16-01-2013 (Morning)

Pannel Number - 1

When I entered into the room there were 4 male members.

Interview question asked in Common Interview are as follows........

1st member asked : Rajiv, There was some controversy in Veer Kunwar Singh University a few months ago... Wat was that tell me? (city related question to me so must all of you know your city recently news)
2nd member what is couse of flood describe? (My PG subject is Geography)
2nd member what is north pole ans south pole?
2nd member what is equater?
2nd member what is lattitude?
2nd member what is tide?
2nd member how many states are there in India?
2nd member how many union territoryis are there ?
2nd member describe coastal area of India east to west
3rd member what is Bank?
3rd member what is product of bank?
3rd member what is loan and type of loan
3rd member what is NPA?
3rd member use of Geography in bank?

I have answered almost all questions correctly, and my Interview went well. Waiting for the good news.

Rajiv's Message to Aspirants : All of you don't be Nervous and be Confident. If you dont' know the answer to any of the questions they asked, just frankly say "sorry sir I don't know about it". Nothing wrong in it and nobody knows all topics. But Don't try to cover. All The Best friends :)

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