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December 04, 2012

Books and Authors List for IBPS Exam


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Friends, in this post we are posting the List of Books and Authors which will be useful for your upcoming IBPS Clerks Online Exam. All The Best and happy Reading :)

·        Yuvi – Book on Youvraj Singh - Makarand Waingankar
      Ek thi kusumPrakash Pant
·        Bring up the Bodies – Hillary Mantel
·        Matters of Discretion: An Autobiography – I.K. Gujral
·        Turning Points-APJ Abdul Kalam
·        Diamond Dust & Other Stories- Anita Desai
·        Diamond Dust & Other Stories- Anita Desai

·        My Unforgettable Memories-Mamata Banerjee
·        A General and His Army         - Georgy Vladimov
·        A Himalayan Love Story        - Namita Gokhale
·        A Last Leap South - Vladimir Zhirinovsky
·        A Nation Flawed-Lesson from Indian History - P.N. Chopra
·        A Peep into the Past - Vasant Navrekar
·        Mind Positive-Life Positive-S.Joginder Singh
·        Aawan Main Baarahon Maas-Ambika Dutta
·        "Muslim in Indian cities”- Hamid Ansari
·        “Those were the Days and then-The Life & Times of Lal Krishna Advani”-Mira Govind Advani
·        Ye Jo Hai Pakistan'- Shivendra Kumar Singh
·        Revolution 2020 – Chetan Bhagat
·        A Bend in the river - V.S. Naipaul
·        A Brush with Life - Satish Gujral
·        A Suitable Boy Vikram Seth
·        A Tale of Two Gardens Octavio Paz
·        A Tribute to People’s Princess Diana Peter Donelli
·        A Tryst With Destiny Stanley Wolfer
·        Abbot         Walter Scott
·        Absalom, Absalom William Faulkner
·        Absalom and Achitophel          John Dryden
·        Acoession to Extinction        D.R. Mankekar
·        Across Borders, Fifty-years of India’s Foreign Policy J.N. Dixit
·        Adam Bede George Eliot
·        Adhe Adhure Mohan Rakesh
·        Adonis P.B. Shelley
·        Bangla Desh-The Unifinished Revolution Lawrence Lifschultz
·        Banyan Tree         Hugh Tinker
·        Beach Boy Ardesher Vakil
·        Beast and Man Murry Midgley
·        Beating the Street Peter Lynch
·        Adrain Mole-The Wilderness Years Sue Townsend
·        Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain
·        Affairs C.P.Snow
·        Brishbikkha         - Bankim Chandra Chatterji
·        Britain’s True History - Prem Bhatia
·        Broken Wings - Sarojini Naidu
·        Brothers Karamazhov - Fyodor Dostoevski
·        Bubble - Mulk Raj Anand
·        Buddha Charitam - Ashvaghosha
·         Bunch of Old Letters - Jawaharlal Nehru
·        Affluent Society          J.K.Galbraith
·        Afghanistan: Mullah, Marx and Mujahid –  R.H. Magnus & Eden Naby
·        Africa’s Challenge to America –  Chester Bowles
·        After All These Years –  Susan Issacs
·        After the Dark Night –  S.M. Ali
·        Bloodline Sidney Sheldon
·        Blood Sport         James Stewart
·        Blue Bird Maurice Macterlink
·        Bofors: The Ambassador’s Evidence         B.M. Oza
·        Bone People         Keri Hulme
·        Book of the Sword        Sir Richard Burton
·        Against the Grain Boris Yeltsin
·        Age of Reason Jean Paul Sartre
·        Agni Pariksha –  Acharya Tulsi
·        Agni Veena –  Kazi Nazrul Islam
·        Agony and the Ecstasy         Irving Stone
·        Ain-i-Akbari Abul Fazal
·        Airport –  Arthur Hailey
·        Ajatshatru Jai Shankar Prasad
·        Akbarnama –  Abul Fazal
·        Alaska Unbound –  James Michener
·        Alchemist   - Paulo Coelho
·        Amar Kosh Amar Singh
·        Ambassador’s JournalJ.K. Galbraith
·        Ambassador’s ReportChester Bowles
·        AmeliaHenry Fielding
·        Autumn Leaves O.Pulla Reddi
·        Avanti Sundari Dandin
·        Babbit Sinclair Lewis
·        Baburnama Babur
·        Baby and Child Penelope Leach
·        Back to Methuselah G.B. Shaw
·        Backward Place Ruth Prawer Jhabwala
·        Bandicoot Run Manohar Malgonkar
·        Bang-i-Dara         Mohammad lqbal
·        Bliss was it in that Dawn        Minoo Masani
·        Borders & Boundaries: Women in India’s Partition      Ritu Menon & Kamla Bhasin
·        Born Free - Joy Adamson
·        Bostaan - Sheikh Saadi
·        Bread, Beauty and Revolution          - Khwaja Ahmed Abbas
·        Breaking the Silence - Anees Jung
·        Breakthrough - Gen.Moshe Dayan
·        Bride for the Sahib and Other Stories - Khushwant Singh
·        Bridge’s Book of Beauty         - Mulk Raj Anand
·        Bridges of Madison Country - R.J. Waller
·        Brif History of Time - Stephen Hawking
·        Beginning of the Beginning Acharya Rajneesh
·        Beloved Toni Morrison
·        Adventures of Robinson Crusoe Daniel Defoe
·        Adventures of Sally –  P.G. Wodehouse
·        Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
·        Adventures of Tom Sawyer Mark Twain
·        Adversary in the House lrving Stone
·        Advice and Consent Allen Drury
·        Ben Hur Lewis Wallace
·        Bend in the Ganges  Manohar Malgonkar
·        Bermuda Triangle        Charles Berlitz
·        A Foreign Policy for India- I.K. Gujral
·        A Fortune Teller Told Me - Tiziano Terzani
·        A Possible India - Partha Chatterjee
·        A Psychoanalysis of the Prophets - Abdulla Kamal
·        A Reveolutionary Life - Laxmi Sehgal
·        A Secular Agenda Arun Shourie
·        A Simple Path Lucinda Vardey
·        Berry Patches –  Yevgeny Yevtushenko
·        Best and the Brightest David Halberstan
·        Betrayal of Pearl Harbour James Rusbridger and Eric Nave
·        Between Hope and History Bill Clinton
·        Between Hope and History Bill Clinton
·        Between the Lines          Kuldip Nayar
·        My Unforgettable Memories-Mamata Banerjee
·        Q and A – Vikas Swaroop
·        Joseph Anton - Sulman Rushdie (Autobiography)
·        Turning Points-APJ Abdul Kalam


  1. Thanks a lot :) This was a comprehensive list. Bravo !! :)

    1. One more post is waiting for your review Tanya. Have a look

      Hope it helps :)

    2. That's is so nice of you people :) I am ecstatic, thanks a lot ! Any amount of thanks is less for this post :) Thanks you so very much. I truly appreciate the hard work you guys put in...Excellent work, such a helpful post !! Thanks, once again. All the very best to you friends :) :) :)

  2. mam plz provides exam special gk which summarize all the gk

  3. ma'am thnks fr the useful material..but ma'am whn u r going 2 provide 6 months pdf( quick guide),tht is really useful..u hv said tht u wl provide it 2dy..

  4. Hello shivani mam,
    mam why are you not give the download option like your other materil?
    Please replay mam.

    1. Because we've included this in our "Quick Reference Guide to IBPS Clerks" Ashwani Garg.

      You can download it from the below link
      Quick Reference guide for IBPS Clerks 2012
      hope it helps :)

  5. please share latest books and author for upcoming IBPS P.O. exam...


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