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December 11, 2012

Banking Awareness Bits for IBPS Exam


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Friends, here is your practice paper of Banking Awareness. If you are new to this blog, read short notes on Banking Awareness here before answering these questions. All The Best :)

Which Stock Exchange and United Bank of India has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with for offering an internetbased equity trading platform?

The committee which has been set by the government of India regarding the issues of merging of AirIndia and Indian airlines's staff into Air India Ltd. Is___________

What is meant by Public Sector Bank?

An important source of capital formation in India has been____________

The term 'insider trading' is associated with_____________

Effective from 11th August 2012, RBI reduced SLR (Standard Liquidity Ratio) by_______

If a cheque bearing date prior to the date, when it was actually drawn, it is called_____

Which of the following organisations / agencies has specifically been set up to boost overall rural development in India?

Reserve Bank of India is funding to encourage advance training and research on banking issues, economic Growth. It is funding National Institute of Bank Management (NIBM) at_____________

Foreign Exchange Reserves are kept in the custody of ___________

Banking Regulation Act was passed in which year ?

Andhra Bank's head office is at ____________

'e - Choupal' is the Rural marketing network initiative of___________

What is meant by GAAR ?

Name the country Which is going to be the 2nd largest producer of crude steel in the world by 2015 ?

Which card provides the instant and needy loan to farmers in India _________

RBI buys and sells the government securities in the open market. By buying the securities, it increases the circulation of money and by selling it decreases the circulation of money. This process is called as ?

Bank note Press Dewas is in the state of ___________

The first phase of Indian banking runs between 1786 to _______________

Which account in India is called the common man account?

On 15th August, which country also celebrates Independence Day like India?

Rise in Stock Market is usually referred to as ____________

ICICI Bank made an agreement with ECO bank to extend the banking regulations on 15th October 2012. ECO bank original base is in __________

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Banking Awareness Bits and Model Papers for IBPS Bank Exams


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