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May 19, 2012

SBI Clerks - Marketing Aptitude - Previous Paper 4

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SBI Clerical Exam - Held On : 22-11-2009 (1st Shift)

1.     Marketing is the art of __________

a.     Buying more
b.     Paying more
c.     Selling more
d.     Talking more
e.     Only a and b

2.     Marketing of services is resorted in _______________

a.     Manufacturing concerns
b.     Insurance business
c.     Hostels
d.     Only a and b
e.     Only b and c

3.     Marketing is a _______________

a.     One day effort
b.     Team effort
c.     One man effort
d.     All the above
e.     None of the above

4.     Service marketing is the same as __________

a.     Transaction marketing
b.     Relationship marketing
c.     Internal marketing
d.     Outdoor marketing
e.     All the above

5.     Good marketing requires one of the following_________

a.     Proper planning
b.     Good team work
c.     Good communication skills
d.     Knowledge of products
e.     All of these

6.     Marketing in banks is a necessity today, due to ________

a.     Liberalisation
b.     Nationalisation
c.     Fashion
d.     Urbanisation
e.     Marketing in banks Is not necessary, as banking in india is more than 200 years old

7.     Marketing is influenced by ___________

a.     Product demand
b.     Public taste
c.     Buyer behaviour
d.     Brand image
e.     All of the above

8.     Market share means _______________

a.     Share market
b.     Share prices
c.     IPOs
d.     Scope for marketing
e.     Share fo business among peers

9.     Marketing helps in ___________

a.     Boosting production
b.     Getting new clients
c.     Interacting with strangers
d.     All of these
e.     None of these

10.  A DSA helps in _____________

a.     Boosting direct sales
b.     Boosting sales through the net
c.     Strengthening indirect marketing
d.     Strengthening telemarketing
e.     All of the above

11.  A DSA (Direct Selling Agent) is one _____________

a.     Who sells through the interenet
b.     Who sells direct to the client
c.     Who works on the bank counters
d.     Who works in bank office setup
e.     None of the above

12.  Selling is ___________________

a.     Different from marketing
b.     A sub-function of marketing
c.     Same as marketing
d.     More than marketing
e.     None of these

13.  A ‘Lead’ in marketing jargon, means ____________

a.     A metal
b.     A leash
c.     A likely consumer
d.     A team leader
e.     None of these

14.  Good selling skills involve _________

a.     Patience
b.     Perservance
c.     Empathy
d.     Knowledge
e.     All of these

15.  Which of the following statements is correct ?

a.     Marketing is not required due to globalisation
b.     Marketing causes higher expenses and losses
c.     Marketing is not required in profit making companies
d.     Marketing sharpens the mind of the employees
e.     Marketing is a waste of time in established companies

16.  A true marketing mindset requires_____________

a.     Control mindset
b.     Command mindset
c.     Passive mindset
d.     Active mindset
e.     Inert minset

17.  Innovation means ____________

a.     Inspiration
b.     Enthusiasm
c.     Compensation
d.     Creativity
e.     All of these

18.  Internal marketing means _________________

a.     Marketing to self
b.     Marketing to family members
c.     Marketing to the staff members
d.     Marketing inside india
e.     Marketing outside india

19.  Modern styles of marketing are ________________

a.     Telemarketing
b.     Web marketing
c.     Advertisement on the net
d.     E – mails
e.     All of these

20.  A good and effective DSA should _____________

a.     Copy the competitor company
b.     Criticize the competitior company
c.     Join the competitior company
d.     Be passive
e.     Be more effective than the competitoir company


1.     c   2.     e   3.     b   4.    b   5.     b   6.    a   7.     e   8.     e   9.     d   10.  a
11.  b   12.  e   13.  c   14.  e   15.  d   16.  d   17.  d  18. c   19.  e   20.  e

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