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May 19, 2012

SBI Clerks - Marketing Aptitude - Paper 5


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SBI Clerks exam - Held on: 22-11-2009 (2nd Shift)

1.       “Benchmark” means _________

a.       Benches for customers to sit
b.      Benches for salesmen to sit
c.       Products displayed on a bench
d.      Set standards
e.      All of the above

2.       A call centre is ______________

a.       A meeting place for DSAs
b.      A training centre for DSAs
c.       A meeting place for customers
d.      Data cnetre
e.      A back office set up where customer queries are answered

3.       The sequence of a sales process is _____________

a.       Lead generation, call, presentation & sale
b.      Sale, presentation, Lead generation & call
c.       Presentation, Lead generation, Sale & Call
d.      Lead generation, Call, Sale & Presentation
e.      There is no sequence required

4.       ‘value –added services’ means _____________

a.       Better value at a premium
b.      Costlier services
c.       Additional services
d.      Bettr value at a discount
e.      At apar services

5.       To ‘Close a Call’ means _________

a.       Te end the conversation
b.      To put the phone down
c.       To close the doors
d.      To clinch the sale
e.      To close the business

6.       ‘Customization’ means __________

a.       Tailor-made products for each customer
b.      Customers selling goods
c.       Tailor-made products for each staff
d.      A selling process
e.      None of these

7.       A ‘Call’ in marketing language means ___________

a.       Calling on a salesperson
b.      Calling on a customer
c.       Making a phone-call
d.      Telemarketing
e.      None of these

8.       A marketing survey is required for __________

a.       Deciding marketing strategies
b.      Deciding product strategies
c.       Deciding pricing strategies
d.      All of these
e.      None of these

9.       The target group for Education loans is _______

a.       All colleges
b.      All parents
c.       Research scholars
d.      Meritoriuos students seeking higher education
e.      All of these

10.   Cross-selling means ____________

a.       Selling with a cross face
b.      Cross country marketing
c.       Selling other products to existing customers
d.      Selling to friends
e.      Selling to employees

11.   Marketi segmentation is useful for _________

a.       Preferential marketing
b.      Targeting existing clients
c.       Identifying prospects
d.      Knowing customers’ tastes
e.      All of these

12.   The target Group for savings depost Accounts is __________

a.       Newborn babies
b.      Students
c.       Parents
d.      Businessman
e.      All of these

13.   Market Segmentation can be resorted to by means of __________

a.       Segmenting by age
b.      Segmenting by income
c.       Segmenting by geographically
d.      All of these
e.      None of these

14.   The target gorup for a Car loan is ___________

a.       All auto drivers
b.      All auto dealers
c.       All car owners
d.      Any individual needing a car
e.      All of these

15.   Market information means ___________

a.       Knowledge of industries
b.      Knowledge of households
c.       Knowledge of peers
d.      Knowledge of customer’s tastes
e.      All of these

16.   Bancassurance means ___________

a.       Banks promissing to give loans
b.      Bank promissing to pay interest
c.       Banks selling insurance products
d.      Assurance to repay loans
e.      None of these

17.   The target gorup fro agricultural loan is _________

a.       Any farmer
b.      Farm labourers
c.       Any individual dealing in agricultural or related activity
d.      Farmers’ soceities
e.      All of these

18.   The target group for credit card is ______________

a.       Existing cardholders
b.      All graduates
c.       All minors
d.      Individuals with taxable income
e.      All of these

19.   Market segmentation means _____________

a.       Segmenting the salesmen
b.      Segmenting the employees
c.       Segmentation the customers as per their needs
d.      Segmenting the products
e.      All of these

20.   A ‘Target Group’ means ____________

a.       A group of sellers
b.      A group of buyers
c.       A group of products
d.      A group of person to whom sales should be focused
e.      All of these


1.       d   
2.       e
3.       a
4.      c
5.      d
6.       a
7.       e
8.       d
9.       d
10.   c
11.   e
12.   b
13.   d
14.   d
15.   d
16.  c
17.   c
18.   d
19.   c
20.   d

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Marketing Aptitude for SBI


  1. Hi, can you please clarify answer for the question no: 7
    A "Call" in marketing language means...

    Here you gave answer as none of this

    but when i referred to the other sites, answer is calling a customer

    so could you please tell me which one is correct one.

  2. Hi, could you please clarify the answer for question no:12

    The target group for savings deposit accounts....

    here you gave answer as students.

    but in other sites it is all the above

    which one is the correct answer

  3. A 'Target Group' means---
    u mentioned answer as a group of person to whom sales should be focused

    but in other sites they mentioned as all the above

    which one is correct


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