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April 30, 2012

Regional Rural Banks (RRBs)


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Here are some Important points about Regional Rural Banks (RRBs). It'll hardly take 5 mins to read and remember these points. But are important for all Banking Exams. Have a Look at these.....

  • Established on 2nd October 1975 on the recommendation of R. G. Sarayya Committee.
  • To extend finance to Rural Areas.
  • RRBs paid-up capital : Centre 50%; State 15%; Sponsoring Bank 35%
  • No new RRB was established since April 1987 (as recommended by Vijay Kelkar Committee)
  • At present, there are 82 RRBs in the country, after mergers with 15,612 branches.
  • Profit Making RRBs : 80
  • Loss Making RRBs : 6; 
    • by 31.03.2009 according to RBI report.
  • Bhandari Commission was related to the reconstruction of RRBs


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  1. rrb fall under rbi or nabard regulation???

  2. is pay scale in rrb same as psb's ???

  3. ur language is so user friendly n seems like ur talking to us,,keep up with this good wrk.....god bless

  4. this page is really nice and useful to persons like who prepares for bank exams

  5. agree with shaily

  6. thank you so much sir..........................

  7. can u please update the full information about the rrb...? it'll helpful for the ibps rrb interview..


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