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February 01, 2012

Omission of Articles


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Till now we have learnt where should we use A , An and where should we use THE. Now we shall learn where shouldn't we use these articles. Following are the conditions where we shouldn't use any article.
  • Before the common nouns man, woman, god, heaven, hell, when used in general sence
    • Man is mortal but God is immortal
    • Man proposes but god disposes
    • Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die
    • Note : But when particularized 'the' definite article is used.
      • The man who is standing at the door is my uncle
    • When it means one, the indefinite article is used.
      • There is a man at the door
  • Before abstract nouns, when generalized 
    • Honesty is the best policy
    • Beauty should lie in one's heart
    • Bravery is the sign of man
    • Note : But when these are particularized, THE is used
      • The honesty the auto-driver showed was finally rewarded
  • Before material nouns when Generalized
    • Water is essential for all
    • Sugar is sweet
    • Wood is used for making furniture
    • Gold is a precious metal
    • But when particularized, THE definite article is used
      • The water in this pond is pure
      • The gold used for making this chain was 22 carat
  • Before places like Church, Temple, Mosque, School, College, University, Hostel, Library, Class, Hospital, Jail (Prison) etc. When they are visited for their primary purpose
    •   He was an atheist, but now a days he is going to the church
    • ✔ He was an atheist, but now a days he is going to church
    •    You should go to the school regularly in-order to get good marks
    • ✔  You should go to school regularly in-order to get good marks
    •  I went to the church to meet my friend (here i dint go for the primary purpose(prayer))
    •   The man was put in jail for killing a woman
    •   The injured were taken to hospital
    •    The injured were taken to the hospital
  • But when these places are visited for their secondary purpose the definite article should be used.
    • He went to the temple to meet the priest
    • My father came to the school to talk to my class teacher
    • I went to the hospital to see and console a patient
  • But when it means one, the indefinite article is used
    • There is a school at the end of the street
  • Before Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner etc, when used in general sense
    • we usually take lunch at 1
    • Breakfast is served between 7 and 9
  • But when these are particularized, by an adjective, the indefinite article is used.
    • We had a delicious lunch yesterday (here the lunch is particularized, so we used an indefinite article "a")
    • We are going to have a healthy breakfast
  • Before plural nouns, when generalized
    • Tigers are ferocious animals
    • Cows are domestic animals 
    • Children like chocolates
    • Note : Here if we represent singular instead of plural, then we should use articles
      • The tiger is a ferocious animal
      • A tiger is a ferocious animal
      • Tigers are ferocious animals
  • In expressions like Go to bed, Take heart, Lose heart, Send word, Set fire
    • Please switch off all the lights before going to bed (not going to the bed)
    • Dont lose heart when you are on the verge of danger (not lose the heart)
    • The house was set on fire (not on the fire)

That's all for now friends, prepare well. Good day


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