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January 25, 2016

IBPS PO V Interview Experiences - Bhabani (Odisha)

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Gr8 Ambition NAME - BHABANI


INTERVIEW DATE - 25-01-2016


My Interview started at 9.45 am and ends at 10.00 am.
Total-5 members in a panel.

M1-Tell me something about yourself?
M1-Tell me about your family?
M1-Tell me where are u staying and who is giveing u the money now?
Now Banking questions.
M2-Wt is PSL?
Ans-PSL stands for priority sector lending.
Gives loan to needy sector of the economy like Agriculture,Economic Weaker section,social infrastructure,education loan.
M3-Wt is MSME?
Ans-Micro,Small and Medium enterprises.
M3-Does medium enterprise come under PSL?
Ans-No.But recently it is included in RRB's ANBC(Adjusted net back credit)-75% of the credit should be given to PSL.
M4-Wt is Liberisation, Privatisation and Globalisation?
Ans- LPG(Liberisation, Privatisation and Globalisation) starts in indian economy during 1991 to reform the economy.It is known as RAO-Monmohan singh model.
Liberalization- stands for to liberise the the indian economy and liberise the licensing system.Some sectors like-stell,petrolium and defence were reserved for only govt sector investment.But after liberisation except 4 sectors private investment were allowed in every other sectors.
Privatization-FDI was allowed and privatization encouraged.
Globalisation-Globalise the indian economy with international economy.
M4-Wt is IPR?
Ans-Industrial policy resolution.For economy development and licensing system of company.
M1-Wt is FDI and FII?
M1-Why u left ur previous job?
Ans- Answered.
Some cross questions on that.
Why u have given EXIM  and ECGC as ur first and second preference?
Ans- These two banks are wholly owned by govt of india.
Exim bank has several foreign branches and i will get the opportunity to go to foreign in future.
Some cross questions on that.
Wt is ur motto in ur life?
Ans-Answered.To help the people.
some cross question on that.
L1-Wt is the role of a po in a bank?
Ans-Customer servicing,promoting the new schemes and policy,financing loans etc.
 All the best and thank you.
Over all it was good.
Thanks ALL.....
Thanks GR8AMBITION....

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