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January 25, 2016

IBPS PO V Interview Experience - Yuvraj (Dehradun)

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Name - D.Bhandari (Disqus Id_ Yuvraj) 

Qualification – B.Com, Tally Graduate

Venue - Malik Chowk, Conference Hall, BOB regional Office, Dehradun

Interview date - 22.01.2016

Time - 1Pm

Panel - 1

I reached venue sharp at 1.00Pm. Instructor asked us to keep our document in stipulated sequence. Document verification started. I was 11th or 12th in the batch. So my turn came late for document verification. Before this Staff boy offered us tea and biscuit (though I didn’t take. Man to kar ra tha pee loon.. :D).So I was done with Document verification. And trust me document verification was like police verification ( sabhi ghatnaon pe tikhi nazar rakh k)
Ok. So now my interview turn came..
Peeped from door, asked their permission.
Me-May I come in please?
Yes please
With the smile on my face. Wished good evening to mam first and then wished to panel head and other members.
Panel- have a seat.
Panel consists of 4 male and 1 Female
Interview was in Hindi though I was expecting some question in english
Panel Head(M1)- Last year RRB me ho gya tha? ( were u selected in RRB last year?)
Me- No sir, Due to inadequate marks I couldn’t get through
M2- interview me kam they ya written me ? (you got less marks in interview or in written )
Me – Dono me ( in both)
Panel Head(M1)- ok apna parichay do.
Me- started speaking in hindi..and then  Hinglish (Hindi+English).
M1- bank me jo deposit hai wo assets hoti hai ya liability.( Deposits in bank are assets or liabilities )
Me- Sir, deposit jo b public ki hoti hai wo liability hoti hai bcz  banks have to pay them back .
M1- What is Cash adequacy ?
Me- Sir CAR? Cash adequacy ratio.?
M2- interjected. Han CAR hi
Me- Sir, It is one of the pillar of BASEL Norms 3. Which is going to be implemented from 2019 in India? In CAR banks have to keep 8 % of their cash weighted ratio in reserve and 2.5% in conservation buffer. Overall (10.5%)
M1- 8% or 1 %..
Me- Sir 8%
M1- CRR and SLR are liability or assest of bank?
Me- Sir these are assets of bank. Bcz at the time of shortcoming  bank can use these assets for paying debts.
M1- good. Tell me about balance sheet and Current assests and current liabilities.
Me- Balance sheet is a financial statement which shows the financial condition of a company for particular time usually at the end of financial year.
Current assests are  sundry creditors,bill receivable, loan receivable, stock
Current liabilities are . sundry debtors, bill payable
M1- Looked satisfied .
M1 passed my document to M3
M3- what is ??? ( his voice was too low) I couldn’t hear him
Me- Sorry Sir, I have no clue .
M3- Second q ( what is ??? ) again what he asked was coming like bouncer to me .
Me- Sorry Sir, I have no idea.
M1 again – tell me  4 qualities of yours which can be helpful for bank.
Me- Sir I’m a team leader , As I  captained my collage cricket team in many tournaments
M1- ok .. no 2
Me- Sir, As I have experienced of maintaining accounts for more than 2 year.
I understand the working environment of bank and I’m familiar with the works related to bank.
M1- ok .no3
Me- Sir, I can work on computer for long hours as almost every bank use  computer
M1-ok .no 4
Me- Sir, being a commerce student  I understand terms related to economy  very easily.
M1- gud.
Now M3
M4- you said you are team leader . but we need manager.
Me- Sir Manager is nothing without team which is working under the guidelines of manager.
So managing things with proper allocation of work and proper cash flow are the qualities of team leader which is up to some extent similar to work of manager.
M4- You would like to be part of operational team or marketing team in bank.?
Me- Sir , I’m comfortable with both. As in my last job I have gained some experience regarding this.
M4- ok.. Last Question.
What is difference between marketing and selling.
Me- Sir, To increase sale we do marketing and we do sell after marketing.
M4 – Thank you, Have a chocolate. (but there were only toffees not chocolates in the plate.)
I took one toffees and thanked them .

Please rate my interview. How was it?

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