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Banking Current Affairs

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Friends, if you are a Banking Aspirant, you might have already understand how important are the Current Affairs for your selection in the exams. Now a days, in every banking exam, there is a separate section titled General and Banking Awareness, which is completely dedicated to current affairs. As IBPS, SBI and RBI Online Exams are on the line, today we shall discuss how to get good marks in Banking Current Affairs. This article can be divided into 2 parts, they are :
  1. What are Banking Current Affairs ?
  2. Where to get good study material them ?
Let's start with the 1st point.

What are Banking Current Affairs ?

The Banking Current Affairs can be decided into two parts. They are, Standard GK and General Awareness. You should read both of these parts for banking exams.
  1. Standard GK / General Knowledge : In simple words, we can say that the Standard GK is the old and unchanged data of Current Affairs. For example, Countries - Capitals, Countries - Currencies, National Parks, National Animals, Cultures, Symbols, Inventors - Inventions etc come under this category. Usually these topics won't change frequently. If you prepare once, you can simply revise them before exam. So no need to bother much about these topics.
  2. General Awareness : This include last 6-8 months current affairs. For example, National Current Affairs, International Current Affairs, latest sports updates, Who is Who, Awards and Honors, Deaths etc. Unlike Standard GK, you need to bother about recent Current Affairs / General Awareness, because it changes frequently. You need to be updated with the latest who is who and ongoing current events.

Where to get Good Study Material of Banking Current Affairs ?

As we already said, for standard GK, you can refer to any of your favorite GK book because it won't change frequently. But for latest Current Affairs you need to follow various news channels or websites on daily basis. To make this process simpler, our Gr8AmbitionZ team is providing regular Banking Current Affairs on Daily and Monthly (in the form of PDF Capsules) basis. Simply you can refer to them. You can also refer to our daily current affairs expected questions. Check details below.
Conclusion :
All said and done, it doesn't mater how many materials you gather. They will be useless if you don't read them. Getting good marks in general awareness section is very easy. You just keep a note book and write down every current affairs update we post in 2-3 sentences. Refer to them on weekly basis. Trust me, you will never forget them during the exam and you can easily get more than 70% marks. Please use the comments section below if you have any doubts. All the Best for your exams :)

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