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October 31, 2020

Top ranking states in Public Affairs Index 2020 : Highlights

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The state on the southwestern Malabar Coast of India, Kerala has been named as the best-governed state in the country according to the Public Affairs Index 2020. Kerala was followed by Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka in the large state category. Uttar Pradesh, Odisha and Bihar ended at the bottom in the list.

Goa ranked first in the small state category followed by Meghalaya and Himachal Pradesh. Chandigarh has been named as the best governed union territory followed by Puducherry and Lakshadweep.

Public Affairs Index (PAI) is an annual report which ranks the States of India from the lens of governance. This report is released by Delhi based non profit organization Public Affairs Centre headed by former Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) chairman K Kasturirangan.  

Major Highlights of Public Affairs Index-2020

Large State category
  • Top 3 :
    1. Kerala
    2. Tamil Nadu
    3. Andhra Pradesh  
  • Bottom 3 :
    1. Uttar Pradesh
    2. Odisha
    3. Bihar
Small State category
  • Top 3 :
    1. Goa
    2. Meghalaya
    3. Himachal Pradesh.
  • Bottom 3 :
    1. Manipur
    2. Delhi
    3. Uttarakhand
Union Territories Category :
  • Top 3 :
    1. Chandigarh
    2. Puducherry
    3. Lakshadwee
  • Bottom 3 :
    1. Dadar and Nagar Haveli
    2. Andaman
    3. Jammu and Kashmir 

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