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August 05, 2020

IBPS PO X 2020 : Should I Apply or Not ?


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The much awaited notification from the IBPS for the recruitment of Probationary Officers for the year 2020 (IBPS PO X) has been released. Usually, when the IBPS releases these types of recruitment notifications, we get mails and messages from our readers asking about preparation plan and study materials. But this time our inbox started to get flooded with questions asking "Whether to Apply or not". So we've decided to shed some light on this issue. Of-course, people have some strong reasons to ask this question. They are :
  1. Vacancies : There are very less number of vacancies. To be precise, there are hardly One thousand posts with major banks like Bank of Baroda, Central Bank of India and Indian Overseas Bank reporting Zero vacancies. 
  2. Application Fee : Usually IBPS used to charge Rs. 100/- from reserved and Rs. 600/- from General for Probationary Officers as application fee. But this time the amount got increased to Rs. 175/- for reserved and Rs. 850/- for general. 
  3. Rumors about Privatization of Banks : During the last week of July 2020, a news article has surfaced in famous Indian dailies stating 'the Indian government is planning to overhaul the banking industry and as part of it, the govt is looking to privatize more than half of its state-owned banks to reduce the number to 5.
These 3 reasons put our future banking aspirants in a dilemma whether to apply for IBPS PO X or not. 

Well, before going into further details, I want to ask you a simple question. Do we have any other options ? Things were different till February 2020. Now everything got changed. Getting the notification is itself is a big deal. If you really need a job and you have no choice, you have to do what you have to do. You should apply for it even if you don't like the number of vacancies they are going to offer. After all, you only need one job. No matter how many vacancies they have.

If you closely observe the vacancies of previous IBPS PO notifications, you will realize that the number of vacancies have been gradually decreasing. In earlier notifications (IBPS I, II & III) there were around 20K+ vacancies. For IBPS IV the number became 16k, for IBPS V 12k, later 8k, 4k and for IBPS PO IX there were only 4336 vacancies. So one thing is clear. You can't expect more than 4 thousand vacancies. In coming notifications too the number may reduce further to a 3 number digit. So a good aspirant always tries to grab the opportunity.

Next reason, High Application Fee. Of-course, increasing 250 rupees all of a sudden is not advisable. But they may have their own reasons to do so. They may need to maintain social distancing while conducting the exam, so need to conduct exams for lesser number of people, which results to more exam centers and more working days. They may need to provide free masks and sanitizers in exam halls. Whatever the reason is, the fee is unavoidable.

The third reason is the news on Privatization. As of now, it is just a rumor. The government is THINKING (not planning) about this option. So even if it is finalized, it will take at-least 2 more years to do so. By then you will be settled in your dream job comfortably. So it won't make much difference to your professional or personal life. Nobody comes to you and ask you to resign.

So I strongly advise you to apply [No, IBPS is not giving any money to us for saying this. Trust me ;) ]

And by the way, better think twice before applying in the following cases.
  • Have you completed at least 50% of the syllabus of IBPS PO X ?
    Try to set your excitement (or nervous butterflies) aside for the moment. Remain calm, and simply look at the facts. How good are you in all the subjects ? Atleast the major 3 for preliminary examination ? (English Language, Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning Ability). Have you completed 50% of syllabus atleast ? If the answer is “yes,” great! . But if the answer is “no”, then you need to think before applying. 
  • What, if Anything, Is Still Making You Feel Like You should not apply ?
    If you’re staring right at the facts, and you’re still feeling that you shouldn't apply, then better talk to your loved ones (not the guy who sits besides you and always feel jealous of your success). Then decide.
One more thing. The competition will be very high this time. You really need to work hard. At the end, as I already said, you only need one job, Good Luck :)

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  1. Please don't join banks... Worst human resources policies...


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