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July 10, 2020

How to Make Good Decision for Success

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Every Success or failure is the result of decisions made or not made. No wonder then decision-making is the most important taks a person takes at work or in life. An organization can flourish only when its people makes and execute good decision in a finely and effective manner.

Today, with the deluge of information at their disposal, people are much better equipped to make quality decisions. But even then due to certain unseen thinking traps and organisational bottle-necks decision makers often falter paving the way to bad decisions and poor outcomes.

Since bad decisions more often then not prove to be costly, it is important for you to spot the traps and bottle-necks beforehand and devise ways to overcome or fix them.

Awareness about different thinking process that we can get into can help us guard against them. Quite often we tend to give more weight to the first information that we receive. Initial impression or past experiences tend to colour our thought over a subject.

This can be highly misleading at times. Therefore, while trying to arrive at conclusion you must always approach a problem from different angles.

Focus on your goals and objectives. Ask yourself if your current stand will take you to your goals or is it likely to become a barrier in future. It is an absolute emergency. But sometimes it become too late.

Selection gets tougher as the number of choices increase. But laziness to choose can cost you much more. Force yourself to choose instead of sticking to status quo.

Information always forms the basis for your awareness. You must train your eyes to spot the right information at the right time to make the right decisions. For this purpose, you must constantly question your assumptions and look for conflicting evidence.

A good decision yields good results only when it is quickly and effectively implemented. You must also focus on getting the buy in for your decision from all quarters. Clear accountability is essential for sucessful implementation. To bring the decision into action, you must define without any ambiguity and confusion what needs to be done when and by whom. The information about what works is always present before you. All you must do is to carefully gather, process and use the information without succumbing to psychological biases. Good luck :)

Sagar Chandra Vadlamani

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