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April 14, 2019

Major International Awards Conferred on PM Modi

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Recently, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been declared the order of St. Andrew, Russia.” This honor will be given to Modi to strengthen the relationship between India and Russia. This was the 7th international award Modi has collected in the past few years. Last week, Modi was conferred the Zayed Medal, the highest decoration by the UAE, in recognition for his “pivotal role” in strengthening relations. Here is the list of International Awards Conferred on our Prime Minister. This list is very important for upcoming competitive exams. Happy Reading :)

Major International Awards Conferred on Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Saint Andrew The Apostle

Russia has conferred the Order of Saint Andrew The Apostle upon PM Narendra Modi on Friday. The highest civilian award of the Russian Federation was given to the Indian Prime Minister for
exceptional services in promoting special & privileged strategic partnership between Russia and India.

Zayed Medal of UAE

UAE announced its highest decoration for PM Modi on 4th Aril 2019, in recognition of his 'pivotal role' in strengthening ties between the two nations.

Seoul Peace Prize 2018

Conferred on PM Modi for his contributions to the growth of the Indian and global econoies crediting 'Modinomics' for reducing social and economic disparity between the rich and the poor.

Grand Collar of the State of Palestine

On 10th February 2018, Modi was conferred with the award by Palestinian President Mahamoud Abbas, recognising his contributions in promoting relations between Indian and Palestine.

UN Champions of the Earth Award 2018

The highest environmental honour of the UN. Modi received the award on 3rd October 2018 from UN Secretary general Antonio Guterres. He was selected in the leadership category for his pioneering work in championing the International Solar Alliance and also as acknowledgement for his unprecedented pledge to eliminate single-use-plastic in India by 2022.

Amir Abdulla Khan Award of Afghanistan

PM Modi, during his visit to Afghanistan, was on 4th June 2016, conferred with the Amir Amanullah Khan Award, the highest civilian honour of the country by its president, Ashraf Ghani.

King Abdullaziz Sash Award of Saudi Arabia

Prime Minister was on 3rd April 2016, conferred with Saudi Arabia's highest civilian honour 'King Abdulaziz Sash' by King Salman bin Abdulaziz at the Royal Court of Saudi Arabia. Among other notable recipients of this honour are former US President Barack Obama and British ex-PM David Cameron.

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