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November 29, 2018

English Sentence Improvement Practice Tests for Bank Exams

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Sentence Improvement is another name for "Error Spotting" item. Here one part of a sentence is HIGHLIGHTED to help you find out whether that part needs any improvement or correction to make the sentence grammatically correct. This item is for FIVE marks and a thorough knowledge of PARTS OF SPEECH and TENS-ES helps you in answering the questions with ease. Here are a few questions taken from some previous Bank Exams. 

Directions (Q1- 30)  : Which of the following phrases given below should replace the phrase printed in bold to make the sentence grammatically correct. If you think that the sentence is correct as it is, choose the option, "No correction required" from the options as your answer. 
  1. Of late, both India and China have been seeing a slow down in the credit market.
    1. off late
    2. of lately
    3. often late
    4. of recently
    5. No correction required
  2. No other communities have played a greater role in building an "India of tomorrow" than the teaching community.
    1. no communities
    2. many communities has
    3. no other community has
    4. have any other community
    5. No correction required 
  3. Theoretically, positive operating cash flow is considered a indicator of efficiency.
    1. considering indicators
    2. considered a indicators
    3. considered an indicator
    4. indicator considered
    5. No correction required
  4. I have realised over times that there is a larger meaning to things happening around
    1. time over
    2. upon time
    3. over the times
    4. over time
    5. No correction required
  5. Most of time, strangers have helped me in critical situations.
    1. Many a time
    2. At time
    3. More of time
    4. At odd time
    5. No correction required
  6. The realty is that India needs a strong, efficient and competitive aviation sector.
    1. what India needs
    2. that India need
    3. therefore India need
    4. needs India
    5. No correction required
  7. I have known this industry since the last two decades.
    1. since last two decades
    2. ever since the last two decades
    3. for the last two decades
    4. from the last two decades
    5. No correction required
  8. Today's children have far most knowledge and far less patience compared to our generation.
    1. much most knowledge
    2. far most knowledgeable
    3. by far higher knowledge
    4. far more knowledge
    5. No correction required
  9. Of late, Bonsai trees have attracted the attention of one and all.
    1. some and all
    2. many and all
    3. everyone and all
    4. none and all
    5. No correction required
  10. During the recession many companies will I be forced to lay oft workers.
    1. have the force to
    2. be forced into
    3. forcibly have
    4. forcefully
    5. No correction required
  11. He wanted nothing else expecting to I sleep after a stressful day at work.
    1. nothing better than
    2. anything else unless
    3. nothing but having
    4. nothing else than
    5. No correction required
  12. Ramesh took charge of the project, within a few days of having been appointed.
    1. having an appointment
    2. being appointed
    3. after being appointed 
    4. appointing
    5. No correction required
  13. It is difficult to work with him because he is one of those persons who think he is always right.
    1. think they are always
    2. always thinks he is
    3. is always thinking they are
    4. always think his
    5. No correction required
  14. Foreign businesses in developing coun-tries have usually problems with lack of infrastructure and rigid laws.
    1. usual problems as
    2. usually problems on
    3. as usual problems like
    4. the usual problems of
    5. No correction required
  15. I am very keen to learned about the town's history.
    1. to learns
    2. to learn
    3. at learning
    4. to have learn
    5. No correction required
  16. For the last three weeks the shop have been closed.
    1. is being closed
    2. has been closed
    3. are closed
    4. to have closed
    5. No correction required
  17. If you had spoken to the receptionist, she would tell you where I was.
    1. would told you
    2. will tell you
    3. would have told
    4. would be telling you
    5. No correction required
  18. Many forests are facing the danger to be destroyed.
    1. of being
    2. to have been
    3. to being
    4. having being
    5. No correction required
  19. The Science teacher seem to think that all the students in her class were lazy.
    1. to seem to think
    2. seem to be thinking
    3. seem to have thought
    4. seemed to think
    5. No correction required 
  20. The easiest way for prevent stress caused by work or home pressure is to indulge in high levels of physical activity.
    1. easily way to
    2. easier way for
    3. easiest way to
    4. easier way from
    5. No correction required
Shared by Shravan Varma Gadhiraju

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