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October 03, 2018

Meet the Winners of Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2018

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The 2018 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was jointly awarded to 3 Scientists namely Frances H. Arnold, George P. Smith and Sir Gregory P. Winter for 'research using directed evolution to produce enzymes for new chemicals and pharmaceuticals'.
Frances Arnold will receive half of the 9 million Swedish crown ($1 million)prize 'for the directed evolution of enzymes' and the other half will be jointly received by George Smith and Gregory Winter for 'drug research' that can neutralise toxins, counteract autoimmune diseases and cure metastatic cancer.

Note : $1 = 8.9739 Swedish crowns

This year's Nobel Laureates in Chemistry have been inspired by the power of evolution and used the same principles genetic change and selection to develop proteins that solve mankind's chemical problems,” the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said while announcing the winners.

Chemistry is the third of this year's Nobels and comes after the prizes for Medicine and Physics were awarded earlier this week. The Nobel peace prize will be announced on Friday (5th October 2018), while the Economics prize will be announced on Monday (8th October 2018). This year’s Nobel Prize in literature has been postponed, following a sexual-harassment allegation.

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