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September 11, 2018

Top 10 Worst Performing Currencies of the World

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The Indian Rupee falls to new low of 72.67 down 94 paise against the US Dollar today. This is for the first time, the rupee breached 72.50 level. Several measures have been suggested to contain the rupee fall which has depreciated nearly 13% since the beginning of the year 2018. In the last 5 years, the rupee has lost merely 15.52% against US dollar.

Some Indians are thinking that our Rupee is the worst performer in the world. But, you will be surprised to know that the Indian currency is not the only one to lose major ground due to geopolitical and fiscal factors. It is only in 10th position in Top 10 world's worst performing currencies. Let's have a look at the some worst performing currencies in the world. 

1st Place : Argentinian Peso : Argentina is grappling with an unprecedented economic crisis, with the country's government taking dramatic steps to try to restore confidence in its free falling currency. Argentina's peso has fallen 52% against the dollar in the year 2018, in the last 5 years it fell around 546.72%.

2nd Place : Turkish Lira : The Turkish currency, lira, has been making headlines after depreciating around 80 percent against the US dollar so far in 2018. Over the past one week, the lira slipped over 20 percent against the US dollar. The steep fall has rattled investors globally, with the currencies of other emerging markets too coming under pressure.

3rd Place : Russian Ruble : Russia’s ruble fell to 70.14 against the dollar this week, its lowest level in two years, pulled down by a combination of the threat of new U.S. sanctions and the collapse of the Turkish lira. 

Top 12 Worst Performing Currencies in the world (5 year fall)

  1. Argentinian Peso - 546.72%
  2. Turkish Lira - 221 %
  3. Russian Ruble - 117.41%
  4. Brazil Real - 84%
  5. South African Rand - 51.42%
  6. Mexican Peso - 47.15%
  7. Indonesian Rupiah - 28.17%
  8. Malaysian Ringitt - 27%
  9. US DOllar - 18%
  10. Indian Rupee - 15.52%
  11. Chinese Yuan - 12%
  12. Singapore Dollar - 9.63%
Radhika Mohan

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