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July 27, 2018

SBI PO 2018 : Letter written by your Foreign Friend to you about a Controversial Issue

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Reproduce a letter that your pen friend in New York wrote to you sometime back about the Occupy Wall Street Movement. 

67, Pine Walk, 
New Jerssy.
10th November, 20xx 

Dear friend,

I agree with you that what you are reading about Occupy Wall Street Movement is truth but it is not the whole truth. First, there is no need to entertain alarmist views of the economic slow down affecting America. The protestors are none else but those who are trying to focus attention on increasing inequality generated by croxy capitalism. The alarmist view that the protestors are out to destroy American political and economic system is baseless.

Over here we do not think of dispensing with capitalist system, though there is wide'spread resentment against croxy capitalism. The point of the Occupy Wall Street revolution has been well brought round to our prolic-makers. The slogan of the Occupy Movement that we are 99 per cent is not lost upon them. What's more, the Occupy Wall Street Movement might have died in infancy but for the thoughtless strategy of the police officials to deal with the protestors. However, one thing is certain that the occupy protests are not anti-capitalists. Asian countries obsessed with the philosophy of socialism would not perceive the mind set of American have nots. They are not campaigning against capitalism. 

They are not just rabble rousers at Occupy Wall Street. However, one fact cannot be ignored that there is something wrong with a system, if it allows one to grab more than one's fair share. Too much inequality can harm the efficient operation of the economy and result in poor economic growth. Yes, there is potential threat to our capitalist system. But those protestors are not anarchists, not at all. So what you are reading in newspapers is a distorted view of our economic crisis. There are crisis but there is no break down of economic system on capitalism. Rather these protests are a wakeup call to oust crony from captalism and restore equality and economic justice right not. 

It is good to hear that you, in India, are doing well and am sure that your country is well equipped to meet with the situation. 
With best wishes, 
Yours sincerely,

shared by Nisheeta Mirchandani

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