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July 31, 2018

31st July 2018 Hindu Editorial Vocabulary - PDF Download

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Hai Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu News Paper dated 31st July 2018. Happy reading :)

Note : Click on titles to read Editorials from THE HINDU News Paper

Download PDF Version of Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 31st July 2018 from HERE

  • Draft - to write something such as a legal document, speech, or letter that may have changes made to it before it is finished
  • Panel - a group of people who make decisions or judgments
  • Vast - extremely large
  • Jurisdiction - a country or area in which a particular legal system operates
  • Framework - a set of principles, ideas etc that you use when you are forming your decisions and judgments
  • Concern - a feeling of worry about something, especially one that a lot of people have about an important issue
  • Oblivious to - not noticing something, or not knowing about it
  • Harness - to get control of something in order to use it for a particular purpose
  • Privacy - the freedom to do things without other people watching you or knowing what you are doing
  • Fundamental - relating to the basic nature or character of something
  • Chair - the person who is in charge of a meeting, committee, or company
  • Sound - complete or detailed
  • Codify - to make something part of an organized system, especially an official system of laws
  • Firm - a business or company
  • Fiduciary - a person or company that is responsible for looking after money or property that belongs to someone else
  • Safeguard - to protect something or someone from being harmed or having problems
  • Akin to something - similar to something
  • Contractual - agreed to or stated in a contract
  • Obligation - something that you must do for legal or moral reasons
  • Entrust - to give someone responsibility for an important job or activity
  • Obligated - if you are obligated to do something, you must do it because it is your duty or it is morally right
  • Consent - permission to do something
  • Principal - main, or most important
  • Onus on something - if the onus is on someone to do something, it is their responsibility or duty to do it
  • Fiduciary - involving responsibility for looking after money or property that belongs to someone else
  • Possibility - the chance that something might happen or be true
  • Sensitive - needing to be kept secret / protected
  • Mirror - someone or something that matches or expresses the qualities, features, or feelings of another person or thing
  • Regulation - an official rule that controls the way that things are done
  • Portability - the ability of software or equipment to be used on several systems
  • Envisage - to have something as a plan or an intention
  • Monitor - to regularly check something or watch someone in order to find out what is happening
  • Provision - a part of an agreement or law that deals with a particular problem
  • Enabling - making something possible
  • Grey area - a situation in which the rules are not clear, or in which you are not sure what is right or wrong
  • Exemption - permission to ignore something such as a rule, obligation, or payment
  • Acquire - to get something
  • Blanket - something that makes it difficult for you to get information or make progress
  • Pertain - to be directly related to something
  • Vital - very important, necessary, or essential
  • Oversight - something that you do not notice or think of that causes problems later
  • Consensual - agreed to by all the people involved
  • Accountability - a situation in which people know who is responsible for something and can ask them to explain its state or quality
  • Dragnet - a very thorough search
  • Surveillance - the process of carefully watching a person or place that may be involved in a criminal activity
  • Debate - a discussion in which people or groups state different opinions about a subject
  • Come to fruition - the result that you wanted to achieve from a plan or idea
Hindu Editorial Topic 2 : "A result foretold: on Cambodia polls"
  • Foretold - to say what will happen in the future
  • Disbar - to make someone unable to continue working, especially because they have done something wrong
  • Outcome - the final result of a process, meeting, activity etc
  • Ensure - to make certain that something happens or is done
  • Key - main / important
  • Fray - a fight or argument
  • Muzzling - to prevent a person, group, newspaper etc from expressing their opinions or ideas publicly
  • Spokesperson - someone whose job is to officially represent an organization, for example in dealing with journalists
  • Smugly - in a way that shows too much satisfaction or confidence
  • Claim - to say that something is true, even though there is no definite proof
  • Renew - to arrange for something to continue for a longer period of time
  • Mandate - the authority of an elected government or official to do the things that they promised to do before an election
  • Despite - used for saying that something happens even though something else might have prevented it
  • Estimate - to say what you think an amount or value will be, either by guessing or by using available information to calculate it
  • Turnout - the number of voters in an election
  • Hollow - not sincere
  • At the helm - in charge or in the position of a leader
  • Uncontested - if something is uncontested, no one opposes it or disagrees with it
  • Threaten -  to tell someone that you might or you will cause them harm, especially in order to make them do something
  • Boycott - to not take part in an event, or to not buy or use something as a protest
  • Sham - something that people pretend is good, serious, or honest but is really not
  • Fragment - if something fragments or is fragmented, it breaks into a lot of separate pieces or parts
  • Merger - the process of combining two companies or organizations to form a bigger one
  • Dissolution - the process of officially ending the existence of a group or organization
  • Allegation - a statement that someone has done something wrong or illegal even though this has not been proved
  • Overthrow - to force a leader or government out of their position of power
  • Treason - the crime of helping your country’s enemies or of trying to destroy your country’s government
  • Veteran - someone who was in the armed forces, especially during a war
  • Exile - a situation in which you are forced to live in a foreign country because you cannot live in your own country, usually for political reasons
  • Reputed - famous and with a good reputation
  • Expose - to make public something bad or dishonest
  • Intolerance - someone’s refusal to accept behaviour, beliefs, or opinions that are different from their own
  • Voluntary organization - a voluntary organization does important work for the community but is not part of the official government services, and usually has to raise all its money by itself
  • Wind up - to end something
  • Perceive - to understand or think about something in a particular way
  • Bias - an attitude that you have that makes you treat someone in a way that is unfair or different from the way you treat other people
  • Climate - the general situation or attitudes that people have at a particular time
  • Intimidation - to deliberately make someone feel frightened, especially so that they will do what you want
  • Criticism - comments that show that you think something is wrong or bad
  • Brutal - extremely violent
  • Massacre - the action of killing of a lot of people
  • Averse - to dislike or not enjoy something
  • Massive - very large or heavy
  • Overt - not hidden or secret
  • Strings - special conditions that limit an offer or agreement
  • Capitalise - to supply money to a business so that it can develop or operate as it should
  • Counter - to react to something with an opposing opinion or action, or to defend yourself against something
  • Domestic - relating to the country being talked about, and not other countries
  • Overseas - happening or existing in a country across the sea from your country
  • Implicate - to show or suggest that someone is involved in something illegal or morally wrong
  • Violation - an action that is in opposition to a law, agreement, principle etc
  • Senate - the more senior part of a law-making institution that has two parts
  • Conciliatory - trying to end an argument and make people feel less angry
  • Speculation - ideas or discussion about why something has happened or what might happen
  • Respite - a short period of rest from having to deal with a difficult or unpleasant situation
  • Genocide - the murder of large numbers of people belonging to a particular race
  • Civil war - a war fought between different groups of people within the same country

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