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July 28, 2018

27th July 2018 Hindu Editorial Vocabulary - PDF Download

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Hai Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu News Paper dated 27th July 2018. Happy reading :)

Note : Click on titles to read Editorials from THE HINDU News Paper

Download PDF Version of Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 27th July 2018 from HERE

Hindu Editorial Topic 1 : "The Pakistan test"
  • Unveiling - the act of officially announcing something such as a plan or a new product that was previously a secret
  • Rhetoric - a style of speaking or writing that is intended to influence people
  • Exceed - to go above an official limit
  • Emerging - just beginning to exist or be noticed
  • Majority - the number of votes by which a person or party wins an election
  • Former - used for describing someone or something that had a particular job, title, status etc in the past, but not now
  • Bitter - making you feel very unhappy or disappointed
  • Assert - to state firmly that something is true
  • Legitimate - fair and reasonable
  • Claim - to say that something is yours, especially as a right
  • Campaign - a series of actions intended to produce political or social change
  • Federal - connected with the national government of a country rather than with the government of one of its member states
  • Provincial - of or relating to the parts of a country outside the capital or the large cities
  • Tainted - something that is tainted is spoilt by an unpleasant feature or quality that often makes people not want to be involved with it
  • Allegation - a statement that someone has done something wrong or illegal even though this has not been proved
  • Rigging - the act of organizing something in a dishonest way in order to produce a particular result
  • Interference - the process of deliberately becoming involved in a situation and trying to influence the way that it develops, although you have no right to do this
  • Arena - the people and activities involved with a particular subject or activity
  • Charge - an official statement accusing someone of committing a crime
  • Negotiate - to try to reach an agreement by discussing something in a formal way, especially in a business or political situation
  • Crisis - an urgent, difficult, or dangerous situation
  • Infrastructure - the set of systems within a place or organization that affect how well it operates, for example the telephone and transport systems in a country
  • Crack down - to start dealing with someone or something much more strictly
  • Amid - if something happens amid particular feelings or events, it happens while people have these feelings or while these events are happening
  • Scrutiny - careful examination of someone or something
  • Tenor - the feeling, mood, or main message that you get from a book, person, situation etc
  • Tough talk - to speak in a way that makes other people fear you
  • Tackle - to make an organized and determined attempt to deal with a problem
  • Impunity - freedom from any risk of being punished for doing something wrong or bad
  • Campaign - a series of actions intended to produce political or social change
  • Significantly - in a way that is relevant or that has an important effect on something
  • Alleged - claimed to be true, even though this has not been proved
  • Violation - an action that is in opposition to a law, agreement, principle etc
  • Dispute - a serious disagreement, especially one between groups of people that lasts for a long time
  • Dialogue - a process in which two people or groups have discussions in order to solve problems
  • Regard - to think of someone or something in a particular way
  • Reciprocate - to do the same thing for someone that they have done for you
  • Stack - a pile of things placed one on top of another
  • Term - a period of time during which a politician or other official holds their job
Hindu Editorial Topic 2 : "Tackling HIV"
  • Tackling - to make an organized and determined attempt to deal with a problem, often a social problem such as crime or unemployment
  • Incidence - the number of cases of an illness or a medical condition in a particular place, group, or situation
  • Stigma - a feeling that something is wrong or embarrassing in some way
  • Syndrome - a medical condition that has a particular set of effects on your body or mind
  • Rapid - happening, moving, or acting quickly
  • Progress - the process of developing or improving
  • Antiretroviral - antiretroviral drugs are used to treat certain types of virus, especially HIV (=the virus that causes AIDS)
  • Respectively - used for saying that something happens separately to each of the people or things mentioned in the order in which they were mentioned
  • Warrant - to make an action seem reasonable or necessary
  • Tuberculosis - a serious infectious disease affecting your lungs
  • Declining - becoming less or worse
  • Mindful - careful about or conscious of something
  • Legitimise - to make something seem morally right or reasonable
  • Harassment - annoying or unpleasant behaviour towards someone that takes place regularly
  • Immoral - morally wrong
  • Aspect - a particular part, feature, or quality of something
  • Gay - sexually attracted to people of the same sex. This word is mainly used about men.
  • Prosecution - the process or act of accusing someone of a crime and asking a court of law to judge them
  • Homosexual - attracted sexually to people of the same sex
  • Suppress - to stop an activity, especially by making laws or by using your authority
  • Viral - caused by or relating to a virus
  • Intervention - a situation in which someone becomes involved in a particular issue, problem etc in order to influence what happens
  • Sensitise - to make someone notice or understand a situation or problem
  • Arbitrary - not based on any particular plan, or not done for any particular reason
  • Emphasise - to give particular importance or attention to something
  • Universal - involving or affecting everyone in the world
  • Ensure - to make certain that something happens or is done

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