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February 22, 2018

Meet the 1st Digital Human Employee of Royal Bank of Scotland - Cora

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The British banking giant Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), which recently announced thousands of job cuts to reduce costs, has hired a Digital Human named 'Cora' on Probation. Cora will help the bank's customers with basic queries by giving its digital banking drive a more human face.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered digital teller, who wears a special uniform and has an ear piercing and sparkling teeth, answers simple questions on getting a mortgage or what to do if a customer loses their card. The lifelike, virtual bank teller can answer up to 200 banking queries for NatWest customers in two-way conversations on a computer screen, tablet or mobile phone.

Cora, which is undergoing advanced testing as part of a pilot programme at RBS, could even be used to train members of staff. She will only be rolled out if the female avatar passes her probation period, the bank has announced in a press note. 

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