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January 06, 2018

General & Banking Awareness Expected Questions for IBPS Clerks VII Main Exam

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  1. PCA framework initiated by RBI to monitor certain performance indicators of the banks. In this context, PCA stands for  _______________
    1. Prompt Corrective Action
    2. Punitive Corrective Action
    3. Punish Corrective Action
    4. Punctual Corrective Action
    5. Preference Coercive Action 
  2. Prompt Corrective Action is triggered by RBI when banks breach certain regulatory requirements like CRAP , ROA and NPA. In this context, CRAB, ROA and NPA stand for _______________
    1. Capital to Risk (Weighted) Assets Ratio, Return On Assets and Non-Performing Assets
    2. Capital to Risk (Weighted) Assets Ratio, Rotation On Assets and Non-Performing Assets
    3. Capital to Risk (Weighted) Assets Ratio, Return On Assets and Notable-Performing Assets
    4. Capital to Random (Weighted) Assets Ratio, Return On Assets and Non-Performing Assets
    5. Capital to Risk (Weighted) Assets Ratio, Ruin Of Assets and Non-Performing Assets 
  3. On 20th December 2017, RBI puts Bank of India under Prompt Corrective Action. Who is the present MD & CEO of Bank of India ?
    1. Raranish Kumar
    2. Usha Ananthasubramanian
    3. Aditya Puri
    4. M.K.Sharma
    5. Dinabandhu Mohapatra
  4. The Non-Executive Chairman of Bank of India is   _______________
    1. Ravi Venkatesan
    2. Ashwani Kumar
    3. T.C. Venkat Subramanian
    4. T C A Ranganathan
    5. G. Padmanabhan
  5. Which among the following bank so far not cover under Prompt Corrective Action by 20th December 2017 ?
    1. IDBI
    2. UCO bank
    3. State Bank of India
    4. Dena Bank
    5. Central Bank of India
  6. On 22 December 2017, Loksabha was informed by Shiv Pratap Shukla that 'the amount lost on account of frauds during 2016-17 was Rs 16,789 crore' in banks and select financial institutions. In this context, who is Shiv Pratap Shukla ?
    1. Chairman, SEBI
    2. Chairman,Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister
    3. Finance Secretary
    4. Deputy Governor, RBI
    5. Union Minister of State for Finance
  7. By the end of September 2017, as government informed Loksabha, the Gross Non-performing Assets (NPAs) of banks crossed _______________
    1. Rs 6.50 lakh crore
    2. Rs 8.50 lakh crore
    3. Rs 9.50 lakh crore
    4. Rs 5.50 lakh crore
    5. Rs 10.50 lakh crore
  8. HDFC Bank's Artificial Intelligence (Al) -based chatbot is   _______________
    1. Inka
    2. Laxmi100
    3. Eva
    4. Trail
    5. GoogBot 
  9. Shashi Arora stepped down as the CEO and Managing Director of  _______________ after controversy over Aadhaar e-KYC
    1. India Post Payment Bank
    2. Vodafone M-Pesa
    3. FINO PayTech
    4. Airtel Payments Bank
    5. Paytm Payment Bank 
  10. CCEA (Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs) approved SCBTS scheme of Rs.1300 crore for Capacity Building in   _______________
    1. Leather Sector
    2. Information Technology
    3. Textile Sector
    4. Jute Industry
    5. Coal Sector
  11. Bank of Maduhra Limited merged with _______________
    1. HDFC bank
    2. ICICI
    3. Andhra Bank
    4. Bank of Baroda
    5. Axis Bank
  12. Which Bank merged with Oriental Bank of Commerce in 2004 ?
    1. Bank of Calcutta
    2. Bank of Rajasthan
    3. Global Trust Bank Limited
    4. Bank of Upper Shimla
    5. Bank of Maharashtra
  13. Cabinet Committee of Economic Affairs (CCEA) headed by  _______________
    1. Finance Minister
    2. Governor, RBI
    3. Prime minister of India
    4. Minister of State for Finance
    5. Minister of Corporate Affairs
  14. SEBI raised the investment limit for FPIs in Central Government securities. The term FPI stands for   _______________
    1. First Portfolio Investors
    2. Front Portfolio Investors
    3. Foreign Position Investors
    4. Foreign Portfolio Investors
    5. Folio Portfolio Investors 
  15. World Bank committed $125 million loan to India for the STRIVE scheme. STRIVE stands for   _______________
    1. Skills Suggestion for Industrial Value Enhancement
    2. Skills Strengthening for Industrial Vote Enhancement
    3. Skills Strengthening for Industrial Value Enhancement
    4. Skills Strengthening for Initiation Value Enhancement
    5. Skills Store for Industrial Value Enhancement

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