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December 03, 2017

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu News Paper" - 1st December 2017

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Hai Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu News Paper dated 1st December 2017. Happy reading :)

Note : Click on the title to read the Editorial from the News Paper

Hindu Editorial Topic 1 : "Dealing with data"
  • Vital - very important, necessary, or essential
  • Robust - strong and successful
  • The dawn of something - the time when something such as a new period in history begins
  • Enhance - to improve something, or to make it more attractive or more valuable
  • The perils of (doing) something - danger or problems connected with a particular activity
  • Arbitrary - not based on any particular plan, or not done for any particular reason
  • Render - to provide a service, or to give help to someone or something
  • Vulnerable - easy to attack
  • Conflict - angry disagreement between people or groups
  • Massive - very large or heavy
  • Autonomy - the power to make your own decisions
  • Foreground - to give something more importance than something else
  • Elicit - to manage to get information from someone
  • Comprehensive - including many details or aspects of something
  • Automated - using machines or done by machines, instead of people
  • Zettabyte - a unit for measuring the capacity of a computer system, equivalent to 10^21 bytes. The written abbreviation is ZB
  • Conjure up - to create or achieve something difficult or unexpected
  • Dystopia - an imaginary place or situation in which everything in society is extremely bad
  • Compromise - to risk harming or losing something important
  • Stringent - stringent rules or conditions are strict and make you achieve high standards
  • Abide by something - to follow a rule, decision, or instruction
  • Consent - permission to do something
  • Enlightened - someone who is enlightened has attitudes that are considered modern and reasonable
  • Framework - a system of rules, laws, agreements etc that establish the way that something operates in business, politics, or society
  • Privacy - the freedom to do things without other people watching you or knowing what you are doing
  • Accountability - a situation in which people know who is responsible for something and can ask them to explain its state or quality
  • Agnostic - someone who believes that it is not possible to know whether God exists or not
  • Consent - permission to do something
  • Holistic - thinking about the whole of something, and not just dealing with particular aspects
  • Obligation - something that you must do for legal or moral reasons
  • Legitimate - allowed by the law, or correct according to the law
  • Above all - used for referring to something that is more important than any of the other things you could mention
  • Empower - to give someone more control over their life or more power to do something
  • Collapse - to suddenly fail or stop existing
  • Avert - to prevent something bad or harmful from happening
  • Minority government - a government in which the governing party has most seats but still less than half the total
  • Casualty - someone or something that is damaged or suffers as a result of something else
  • Longstanding - having existed for a long time
  • Scandal - a situation in which important people behave in a dishonest or immoral way that shocks people
  • Premier - best, largest, or most important
  • Allegation - a statement that someone has done something wrong or illegal even though this has not been proved
  • Despite - used for saying that something happens even though something else might have prevented it
  • Discredit - to harm someone’s reputation
  • Whistleblower - someone who reports dishonest or illegal activities within an organization to someone in authority
  • Intervene - to become involved in a situation in order to try to stop or change it
  • Inevitable - impossible to avoid or prevent
  • Defend - to protect someone or something from attack
  • Reprieve - to stop or delay something bad that was going to happen
  • Negotiation - formal discussions in which people or groups try to reach an agreement, especially in a business or political situation
  • Implication - a possible effect or result
  • The status quo - the present situation, or the way that things usually are
  • Underpin - to be an important basic part of something, allowing it to succeed or continue to exist
  • Landmark - a major event or achievement that marks an important stage in a process and makes progress possible
  • Precondition - something that must happen or be done before something else can happen
  • Free-trade - a system of international trade in which companies do not have to pay high taxes on the goods bought from or sold in other countries
  • Reciprocal - done according to an arrangement by which you do something for someone who does the same thing for you
  • Intertwine - to be closely connected with something else
  • Insistence - a very firm statement that something must happen or that something is true
  • Regime - a system or form of government
  • Conservative - not willing to accept much change, especially in the traditional values of society
  • Propped up - to help a government, system, organization etc to continue to exist, especially by providing financial or military support
  • Posture - to do things only because you want people to notice you, admire you, or be afraid of you
  • Sizeable - fairly large
  • Accommodation -  a change in behaviour or attitude that helps people work together or end a disagreement
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