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December 12, 2017

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu News Paper" - 12th December 2017

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Hai Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu News Paper dated 12th December 2017. Happy reading :)

Note : Click on the title to read the Editorial from the News Paper
  • Massive - very large or heavy
  • Victory - the fact of winning a competition or battle, or an occasion when someone wins
  • Alliance - an arrangement between two or more people, groups, or countries by which they agree to work together to achieve something
  • Landslide - a situation in which a person or political party wins an election by a very big majority
  • Evident - easy to see, notice, or understand
  • Ally - someone who is ready to help you, especially against someone else who is causing problems for you
  • Decisive - making the final result of a situation completely certain
  • Democratic - involving elections in which people vote for their political representatives
  • Emerge - to appear, or to become recognized
  • Run-up - the final period of time before an important event
  • Ideologically - in a way that relates to ideas or an ideology, especially of a political or economic nature
  • Coherent - reasonable and sensible
  • Flounder -  to experience difficulties and be likely to fail
  • Stave something off - to stop something bad from happening, or to keep an unwanted situation or person away, usually temporarily
  • Setback - a problem that delays or that stops progress or makes a situation worse
  • Yearning - a strong feeling that you get when you want something very much, especially something that you know you may not be able to have
  • Lasting - continuing to exist or have an effect for a long time
  • Instability - a situation that keeps changing, so that you are worried about what might happen
  • Like-minded - like-minded people, groups etc have similar tastes, interests, and opinions
  • Radicalism - a way of thinking or behaving that is based on the belief that important political or social changes are necessary
  • Mandate - the authority of an elected government or official to do the things that they promised to do before an election
  • Incumbent - someone who has an official position
  • Transformative - causing great and positive change in someone or something
  • Narrow down something - to make a number or list of things smaller, by removing the things that are least important, necessary, or suitable
  • Lapse into something - to gradually change to a quieter or less active state
  • Wrangling - an argument, especially one that continues for a long time
  • Introspect - reflect on one's own thoughts and feelings
  • Blindside - to give someone an unpleasant surprise by doing something that they were not expecting
  • Ragtag - untidy and not similar or organized
  • Elite - a small group of people who have a lot of advantages and keep the most power and influence
  • Credentials - personal qualities, achievements, or experiences that make someone suitable for something
  • Multilateral - involving three or more groups, especially the governments of three or more countries
  • Regime - a system of rules that control something
  • Quest - a long difficult search
  • Signatory - a person or organization that has signed an official agreement
  • Non-Proliferation - a policy of preventing any increase in the number of chemical weapons that countries have
  • Be at pains to do something - to try very hard to do something
  • Convey -  to communicate ideas or feelings indirectly
  • Adhere to - to obey a rule, law, agreement etc
  • Transparency - an honest way of doing things that allows other people to know exactly what you are doing
  • Conventional - of the usual, traditional, or accepted type, instead of being new and different
  • Destabilise - to cause problems for a country, government, or person in authority so that they become less effective
  • Accumulation -  the process by which something increases in amount or is collected together over time
  • Plenary meeting - a plenary meeting is intended for all the people in a particular group
  • Presume - to think that something is true because it is likely, although you cannot be certain
  • Fastidious - caring a lot about small details and wanting everything to be correct and tidy
  • Loophole - something that has been left out of a law or legal document that people can use to avoid obeying it
  • Demonstrable - clear or obvious
  • Evident - easy to see, notice, or understand
  • Diplomacy - the profession or skill of preserving or creating friendly relationships between countries
  • Botched - badly done or badly planned, and therefore unsuccessful
  • Forge - to develop a successful relationship, especially in business or politics, with another country, organization, or person
  • Consensus - agreement among all the people involved
  • Setback - a problem that delays or that stops progress or makes a situation worse
  • Insurmountable - impossible to deal with successfully
  • Nonetheless - despite what has just been said
  • Impart - to give something such as information, knowledge, or beliefs to someone

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