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December 26, 2017

December 2017 Current Affairs Quiz - Set 14

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The UK is going to switch from burgundy to __________ coloured passports after the country leaves the European Union.

Members of European Union (EU), Turkey, China, Serbia, Russia, Poland and Colombia uses which color passport ?

What is the color of Indian passport ?

With a brand value of $144 million (₹921 crore), who has dethroned actor Shah Rukh Khan to become the Most valuable celebrity brand in India ?

Name the highest T20I wicket-taker in 2017 ?

The __________ government has announced that it is going to pass a legislation to make high-speed broadband a legal right in early 2018.

The 105th foundation day of India's first SWADESHI BANK was recently observed. Which bank it is ?

The foundation day of Central Bank of India is observed on ?

Who is the founder of the Central Bank of India ?

India was among the 128 countries which voted in favour of a resolution rejecting the US' recognition of ___________ as Israel's capital at the 193-member United Nations General Assembly's meeting.

Who has received awards for the best player and top scorer in La Liga for the 2016/17 season ?

The Patiala House Court recently acquitted former Telecom Minister A Raja and DMK leader Kanimozhi. They are accused in which scam ?

Who has been appointed as the 1st ever Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the ride-hailing startup Uber ?

American comic book publisher DC Comics is going to release a new graphic novel titled 'I Am Gandhi: A Graphic Biography of a Hero' in May 2018.  Who is the writer of this graphic novel ?

The Union Cabinet recently approved a plan to set up India's first National Rail and Transport University in which city ?

Which country topped Forbes' rankings of best countries in the world for business in 2018 ?

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