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November 26, 2017

Review of Today's (26th November 2017) IBPS PO VII Main Exam

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Detailed Review of IBPS PO 2017 Main Exam

English Language section review of IBPS PO VII Mains

  • Total Questions-35
  • Total Marks-40
  • Time Limit-40 Minutes
  • Reading Comprehension-10 Questions ( Difficult)
  • Cloze Test-5 Questions(Moderate)
  • Error Detection-5 Questions(Moderate-Difficult)
  • Rephrasing Sentence to correct grammatical form -4 Questions (Difficult)
  • Connector Usage-5 Questions(Moderate-Difficult)
  • Double Filler-2 Questions(Moderate)
  • Para Jumble (New Pattern)-4 Questions(Difficult)
  • Total=35 Questions (Difficult)

Data Analysis and Interpretation section review of IBPS PO VII Mains

  • Total Questions-35
  • Total Marks-60
  • Time Limit-45 Minutes
  • Caselet
  • Tabular (Missing) +Bar
  • Tabular
  • Data Interpretation-15 Questions(Difficult)
  • Data Sufficiency-5 Questions(Difficult)
  • Wrong Number Series-5 Questions(Moderate-Difficult)
  • Inequality (Quantity Q1,Quantity Q2 Type)-5 Questions
  • (Moderate-Difficult)
  • Miscellaneous-5 Questions(Moderate-Difficult)
  • Total=35 Questions(Moderate-Difficult)

Reasoning and Computer Aptitude Section Review of IBPS PO VII Mains

  • Total Questions-45
  • Total Marks-60
  • Time Limit-45 Minutes
  • No Questions from Computer Knowledge
  • Linear (North-South) 2 Variable
  • Small-Para Puzzles
  • Circular (with uncertain information as the number of people in the seating arrangement was not given e.g. more than 10 people are sitting on a circular table)
  • Figure Based Puzzle(NEW)
Sitting Arrangement and Puzzles -15 Questions(Difficult)
  • Logical Reasoning-10 Questions(Difficult)
  • Coded Blood Relation-4 Questions(Difficult)
  • Coded Direction Sense-5 Questions(Difficult)
  • Input-Output-5 Questions(Difficult)
  • Data Sufficiency-2 Questions(Difficult)
  • Micellaneous-4 Questions(Difficult)
  • Total=45 Questions(Difficult)

General Economy and Banking Awareness Section Review of IBPS PO VII Mains

  • Max of the questions from Banking 
  • Very few from Current Affairs
Descriptive Writing(Moderate)
  • Total Marks-25
  • Total Time-30 Min
Essay topics asked in IBPS PO VII Mains
  • Which reform in Indian education can be compared with International level
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Cashless economy
  • Effects of gadgets on intellectual capabilities of humans
Letter Writing topics asked in IBPS PO VII Mains
  • Write a Letter to you friend encouraging and advising him to plan his own start-up
  • Letter to your office colleague
  • Write a letter to the branch manager requesting him to block your credit card as you've lost it and ask him to issue you a new card. 
Good Attempts
  • English Language : 12-16 Marks Good Attempt
  • Reasoning and Computer Aptitude :17-19 Marks Good Attempt
  • Data Analysis and Interpretation :18-20 Marks Good Attempt
  • General Economy and Banking Awareness :26-29 Marks Good Attempt


Check GA Questions Asked in Today's IBPS PO VII Main Exam from HERE

Shared by Saniya Kale
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  1. in ibps po whether descriptive score added to total score or its qualifying nature?


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