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November 14, 2017

Essays for IBPS PO VII in 250 Words : Need of Educational Reforms in India

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Need of Educational Reforms in India

India is currently being developed as a universal leader and moreover a strong nation. Education helps a nation to build and develop the requisite knowledge for the growth of its economy. 

In India, education is provided by both public and private sectors that plays a pivotal role in the growing stage of human beings. Our education system needs serious reforms since we have acompletely academically oriented education system. Moreover, the quality of education provided by the teachers has been degraded to a primitive level.

Although inclusive growth has gone to a broader level, there certainly are few areas where discrimination has an adverse effects on students. A lot still needs to be done in these areas to stretch the reach of education to the downtrodden. Though the public education system is available, it does not follow the statute and are affected by the severe scarcity of quality teachers as well as the resource crunch in schools.

Nowadays, providing education has become a top-shot business and gaining education has become a status symbol; not for the students but for the parents. The more you spend the better status you get though it may be of the lesser quality education, it should be the less you spend, the more you develop". 

Hence, there is a need of the hour to reform our education system for the betterment and upliftment of our nation. It is quality education, which crafts the nation; be it socially, politically or economically. Somebody rightly said that the society cannot grow which does not invest in education.
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  1. U have done good job..
    It is very helpful for banking aspirants..Keep going...
    Please share some essay about GST, demonetization,aadhaar card,schemes of bjp govt etc


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