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May 03, 2018

Essay for Competitive Exams : Can India become a super power ?

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Can India become a super power ?

In 1952, during the time of first General Elections, the question was being asked by various communists and Hindu extremists "Would India survive?" Today, even after 70 years of independence, the query is still being raised but in a different manner, Can India become a superpower?" Well, based upon the country's prolonged endeavour on various global events, educational infrastructure, technological advancement and military power, it can be said that this is possible to a great extent. However, the country's aim to reach that esteem level of a superpower has to be inimitable and should be able to exert its existence beyond what the US or Europe did.

Considering some of India's recent pitfalls that are expected to get resolved in the next 15-20 years of time, we can say that the time is not that far when we can share the same podium as other 'superpowers'. As envisaged by our financial experts, our economy is projected to surpass that of Japan by 2020 and reach the third position, trailing only behind US and China.

In addition, India has immense potential in the field of technology, advanced educational structure, quality research system, non-violent transitions, and proximity to staple food grains exporters. However, both India and China are in continual endeavour to expand their global reach by developing their economic standards and legal enforcement system. With our stable government system and result-oriented long-term plans, India is very much into the race to become a superpower in the future. 
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