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September 20, 2017

Last 6 Months' Banking Awareness Quiz 2017 (Set 2)

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  1. The RIDF was set up by the Government in 1995-96 for financing ongoing rural Infrastructure projects. Domestic commercial banks contribute to the Fund to the extent of their short-fall in stipulated priority sector lending to agriculture. Which of the following activities are taken up by RIDF ?
    1. Rural drinking water schemes & soil conservation
    2. Rural market yards
    3. Rural health centers and primary schools
    4. Mini hydel plants
    5. All the above
  2. In respect of Goods and Service Tax (GST), CIN stands for Challan Identification Numeber. Then what does the abbreviation for CPIN stands for ?
    1. Consumer Password Identification number
    2. Consumer Portal Identification Number
    3. Common Number
    4. Consumer Proposed Identification Number
    5. Common Portal Identification Number
  3. Which of the following four Laws have been amended in the recent past ?
    1. Securitization and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security inter-est (SARFAESI) Act, 2002
    2. Recovery of Debts due to Banks & Financial Institutions Act (RDDBFI), 1993
    3. Depositories Act, 1996
    4. Indian Stamp Act, 1899
    5. All the above
  4. NBFCs are doing functions similar to banks. Which of the fol-lowing is/are correct in respect of NBFCs ?
    1. NBFC cannot accept demand deposits as a matter of right except as permitted by RBI
    2. NBFCs do not form part of the payment and settlement system and cannot issue cheques drawn on itself
    3. Deposit insurance facility of Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation is not available to depositors of NBFCs, unlike in case of banks
    4. NBFCs can issue Non-Convertible Debentures (NCDs)
    5. All the above
  5. What does the letter 'M' depict in the SME as used in the financial world ?
    1. Maximum
    2. Medium
    3. Mercantile
    4. Mutual 
    5. Ministry 
  6. Which of the following organization provides guarantee to the export :
    1. Exim Banks
    2. Exports Credit Guarantee Corporation
    3. Reserve Bank of India
    4. Registrar of companies
    5. None of these
  7. Any Non-Banking Finance Institution should be a company registered under __________
    1. RBI Act 1964
    2. Companies Act 1956
    3. Banking Regulation Act 1949
    4. Negotiable Instruments Act 1881
    5. None of these
  8. Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) is a __________ company.
    1. Public Limited
    2. Private Limited
    3. Limited Liability
    4. Unlimited
    5. None of these
  9. Which of the following are correct in respect of Debt Rcovery Tribunal (DRT) ?
    1. DRT is applicable in case of debts/ claims outstanding amounting to Rs. 10 lakh and above
    2. Application filed before DRT shall be disposed- off as early as possible, but not later than 180 days
    3. After the decree is passed by DRT, the bank / financial institution will apply for issuance of recovery certificate
    4. The minimum Court Fee for Rs. 10 lakh is Rs. 12,000 and thereafter Rs. 1000 for every Rs. 1 lakh or part thereof with maximum up to Rs. 1.5 lakh.
    5. All the above
  10. Which of the following specialized financial institutions has not been created by RBI ?
    1. National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD)
    2. Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation of India (DICGC)
    3. National Housing Bank (NHB)
    4. MUDRA bank
    5. None of the above
  11. Which of the following statements regarding LokAdalat is / are correct ?
    1. Lok Adalat is setup under Legal Services Authority Act
    2. Cases upto Rs. 20 lakh are referred to Lok Adalat.
    3. Cases above Rs. 20 lakhs referred to Lok Adalat formed under DRT.
    4. The advantage of Lok Adalat is consented decree, no court fee, no appeal, expeditious disposal of the case.
    5. All the above
  12. The purpose of credit scoring for banks is  _____________
    1. To assess the level of risk involvement and to speed up credit decisions
    2. Prepare customer information reports
    3. To know the reason about differentiation in rates of interest
    4. Any person can access his / her credit report directly
    5. None of these
  13. Upon the promulgation of the Banking Regulation (Amendment) Ordinance, 2017, the Reserve Bank issued a directive bringing certain changes to the existing regulations dealing with stressed assets and a corrective action plan with regard to it includes :
    1. Flexible restructuring
    2. Strategic Debt Restructuring (SDR)
    3. Scheme for Sustainable Structuring of Stressed Assets (S4
    4. Only 1 & 3
    5. All of these
  14. In order to provide training through NSDC and certify Indians who wish to seek Overseas in selected sectors Government of India has launched a scheme called  __________
    1. Pravasi Kaushal Vikas Yojana
    2. Pravasi Kaushal Vidya Yojna
    3. Pradhan Manthri Koushal Vikas Yojna
    4. Pradhan Koushal Vijaya Yojna
    5. None of the above
  15. Who among the following hold securities in Demat form?
    1. Depository Participant(DP)
    2. Depository
    3. Certifying and Registering Authority
    4. SEBI
    5. Any Bank
  16.  Bank loans up to per unit to ____________ per unit to Medium Enterprises under priority sector.
    1. Rs. 10 crore
    2. Rs. 18 crore
    3. Rs. 15 crore
    4. Rs. 20 crore
    5. None of these
  17. The term Insider trading is related to :
    1. Stock Market
    2. Money MARKET
    3. Forex Market
    4. Debt Market
    5. None of the above

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