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August 27, 2017

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu News Paper" - 22nd August 2017

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Hai Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu News Paper dated 22nd August 2017. Happy reading :)

Note : Click on the titles to read the Editorials

Hindu Editorial Topic 1 : "Prison and privilege: On favourable exemptions to Sasikala in jail"
  • Privilege -  a special benefit that is available only to a particular person or group
  • Favourable - giving someone or something an advantage or a benefit
  • Exemption - permission to ignore something such as a rule, obligation, or payment
  • Deterrent - to prevent someone from doing something by threatening bad results if they do it
  • Uncommon - unusual, rare, or not happening often
  • Concession - something you give or allow to someone in order to reach an agreement
  • Obliging - willing to help someone
  • Folklore - traditional stories, sayings, and beliefs
  • Makeshift - made using whatever is available and therefore not very good
  • Inmate - someone who is kept in a prison, mental hospital, or other institution
  • Confabulation - informal talks / discussions
  • Dramatic - sudden and surprising or easy to notice
  • Footage - a video showing an event
  • Emerge - to become known
  • Convict - someone who is in prison because they are guilty of a crime
  • Precinct - the area around an important building
  • Fanciful - not serious or sensible
  • Purported - said by some people to be real or true, but not proved to be real or true
  • Blew the whistle - to bring something to the attention of other people in order to stop something bad from happening
  • Presumably - used for saying that you think something is true based on what you know, although you are not really certain
  • Surveillance - the process of carefully watching a person or place that may be involved in a criminal activity
  • Rampant - existing, happening, or spreading in an uncontrolled way
  • Sensational - very exciting and surprising
  • Allegation - a statement that someone has done something wrong or illegal even though this has not been proved
  • Bureaucrat - someone who is employed to help run an office or government department
  • Irregularity - a situation in which the rules, laws, or usual ways of doing things have not been followed
  • Mere - only / just
  • Suborn - to persuade someone to do something illegal
  • Inadequate - not enough, or not good enough for a particular purpose
  • Vice - extremely bad and immoral behaviour
  • For instance - for exmaple
  • Protocol - a set of rules for the correct way to behave
  • Comprehensive - complete and including everything that is necessary
  • Address - to give attention to or deal with a matter or problem
  • Curb - to control or limit something that is harmful
  • Deterrent - something that makes people decide not to do something by making them realize that something unpleasant could happen to them
  • Paraphrase - to express what someone else has said or written using different words, especially in order to make it shorter or clearer
  • Scarecrow - an object made to resemble a human figure, set up to scare birds away from a field where crops are growing
  • Perch - if a bird perches on something, or if it is perched on it, it is resting there for a time
  • Derail - if a train derails, it comes off its rails
  • Mandarin - a senior official in the government department
  • Tragedy - a very sad event that causes people to suffer or die
  • Maintenance - the work needed to keep a road, building, machine, etc. in good condition
  • Blockade - an official action that is intended to prevent people or goods from moving from one place to another
  • Probe - an attempt to find out the truth about an issue, problem, or accident
  • Instance - a particular situation, event, or fact, especially an example of something that happens generally
  • Feasible - able to be made, done, or achieved
  • Mishap - an unlucky event or accident
  • Sabotage - to damage or destroy equipment
  • Accountability - a situation in which people know who is responsible for something and can ask them to explain its state or quality
  • Lapse - a temporary failure
  • Conceding - to admit, often unwillingly, that something is true
  • Bungling - to do something wrong, in a careless or stupid way
  • Exemplary punishment - an exemplary punishment is severe and intended as a warning to others
  • Heed - to pay attention to something, especially advice or a warning
  • Rolling stock - the engines and carriagesthat are used on a railway
  • Casualty - a person injured or killed in a serious accident or war
  • Sluggish - moving or operating more slowly than usual and with less energy or power
  • Err - to make a mistake or to do something wrong
  • Turn a blind eye - to ignore something that you know is wrong
  • Obvious - easy to see, recognize, or understand
  • Wake-up call - if something that happens is a wake-up call, it should make you realize that you need to take action to change a situation

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