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July 11, 2017

Top 50 Most Expected Current Affairs Questions for Competitive Exams 2017

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Current Affairs Quiz 2017

  1. Who has been recently appointed as the new Executive Director of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) ?
    1. Deepak Mohanty
    2. M. D. Patra
    3. S Ganesh Kumar
    4. Meena Hemchandra
  2. Recently the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs, chaired by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given its approval for re-structuring the schemes of the Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI) under new Central Sector Scheme :
    Current Affairs Quiz of 2017
    1. SUVIDHA
    2. SUDHA
    3. SAMPADA
    4. KEERTHI
  3. Recently, Kotak Mahindra Bank has set an ambitious target of doubling its total customers from 13 million 10 16 million in the next 18-24 months, by launching the service:
    1. 533
    2. 657
    3. 811
    4. 999
  4. China-sponsored Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank approved __________   loan for a Pinter project in Andhra Pradesh, the first credit from the bank for an Indian project.
    1. USD 160 million
    2. USD 195 million
    3. USD 220 million
    4. USD 330 million
  5. Recently the Memorandum of Agreements (MoAs) for purchase of __________  wind power under MNRE's first wind auction Scheme were signed between PTC India, the trading company, and Discoms of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Delhi, Odisha and Assam.
    1. 1000 MW
    2. 700 MW
    3. 1200 MW
    4. 1500 MW
  6. Recently the Minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari inaugurated the three day India Integrated Transport and Logistics Summit (IITLS) organized by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways in:
    1. Mumbai
    2. Hyderabad
    3. New Delhi
    4. Bengaluru
  7. Which city has emerged as the 'Fastest Mover Big City' at the national level in the Swachh Survelcshan -2017?
    1. Ghaziabad
    2. Gurugram
    3. Faridabad
    4. Gautam Buddha Nagar
  8. According to Swachh Survelcshan-2017, which city emerged as the Cleanest City of India?
    1. Mysuru
    2. Vizag
    3. Indore
    4. Bhopal
  9. According to IMF, an annual Rs.150 per tonne increase in tax on coal from 2017 to 2030 could raise GDP by __________ by 2030.
    1. 0.5%
    2. 1%
    3. 1 5%
    4. 2%
  10. Recently India opened its first private small arms manufacturing plant in a joint venture with Israel in:
    1. Madhya Pradesh
    2. Karnataka
    3. Andhra Pradesh
    4. Jharkhand
  11. Banganapalle mango has got a Geographical Indication (GI) tag, which of the following is the proprietor of the variety knows for its sweetness?
    1. Uttar Pradesh
    2. Karnataka
    3. Maharashtra
    4. Andhra Pradesh
  12. Recently squash star Maria Toorpakai Wazir has been appointed to the International Olympic Committee's Women in Sport Commission in a role that will see her assist the IOC in the development and implementation of their women and sport policy. Maria Toorpakai Wazir belongs to:
    1. Iran
    2. Iraq
    3. Pakistan
    4. Afghanistan
  13. Recently Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Pema Khandu flagged off Arunachal Pradesh highest peak Exploration Arunachal Team 2017. The highest peak of Arunachal Pradesh is:
    1. Namcha Madin
    2. Mt Kangto
    3. Nyegyi Kansang
    4. Dapha Bum
  14. Name the intenet-based interlace launched by Radha Mohan Singh, Union Minister for Agriculture and Farmers Welt are that is a unique platform which will provide direct and effective solutions to the problems faced by farmers and stakeholders in the agriculture sector?
    1. e-Krishi Samvad
    2. e-Krishi Solution
    3. e-Krishi Sarthak
    4. e-Krishi Suraksha
  15. Recently which north eastern state got its first Shatabdi Express train?
    1. Tripura
    2. Arunachal Pradesh
    3. Manipur
    4. Assam
  16. Recently the UN owes a total of __________ to India for its contribution to the world body's peacekeeping operations.
    1. $ 35 million
    2. $ 43 million
    3. $ 55 million
    4. $ 65 million
  17. Who is leading a bipartisan US Congressional delegation to India and Nepal focusing on strengthening bilateral economic and security relations?
    1. Linda Sánche
    2. Steny Royer
    3. Nancy Pelosi
    4. Pramila Jayapal
  18. Which state government will provide pension and skill development training to Muslim women who are 'victims' of triple talaq, in a bid to make them self-reliant?
    1. West Bengal
    2. Meghalaya
    3. Assam
    4. Uttar Pradesh
  19. Recently Justice Leila Seth passed away, she was the first woman judge of:
    1. Supreme Court of India
    2. Delhi High Court
    3. Bombay High Court
    4. Madras High Court
  20. Recently a Unesco advisory body has recommended adding Japan's which island that is men-only ancient religious site in Fukuoka prefecture?
    1. Okinawa
    2. Okinoshima
    3. Hashima
    4. Shikoku
  21. Who won the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup hockey title after a gap of 23 years?
    1. Great Britain
    2. Indonesia
    3. Germany
    4. Australia
  22. Recently the Indian Air Force is, for the first time, opening the National Cadet Corps special entry route for women cadets of the Air Wing with __________ certificates.
    1. A-level
    2. Blevel
    3. C-level
    4. O-level
  23. Who won the BIRAC Gandhian Young Technological Innovation (GYTI) Award 2017 for his work on producing white light emission using natural extracts?
    1. Sandeep Soni
    2. Mayank Gopal Nayak
    3. Awadesh Slkri
    4. Dr. Vikram Singh
  24. Which of the following celebrated its 57 years of glorious service to the nation on 7 May 2017 ?
    1. ITBP
    2. BRO
    3. CISF
    4. BSF
  25. Recently India won bronze at Sultan Azlan Shah Cup hockey tournament defeating :
    1. Japan
    2. New Zealand
    3. Malaysia
    4. France
  26. Which Indian state is going to introduce an inter-caste marriage legislation to prevent heinous crimes like 'honour killings' ?
    1. Odisha
    2. Madhya Pradesh
    3. Maharashtra
    4. Gujarat
  27. Which state government is going to deploy six boat ambulances in four districts where a sizeable population is surrounded by large water bodies such as rivers and dams?
    1. Andhra Pradesh
    2. Kerala
    3. Maharashtra
    4. Odisha
  28. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has operationally started working to create several regional hubs including ______________ as one for South Asia.
    1. New Delhi
    2. Mumbai
    3. Chennai
    4. Bengaluru
  29. Drones and thermal cameras will be made part of an advanced surveillance mechanism that will be put in place to check poaching and other anti-wildlife activities in prominent reserves of :
    1. Odisha
    2. Madhya Pradesh
    3. Maharashtra
    4. Rajasthan
  30. Name the sand artist who created the world's longest sand Buddha in Sri Lanka ?
    1. Beekan Munda
    2. Sudarshan Patnaik
    3. Dharmendra Utsav
    4. Enios Ekka
  31. Who chaired the four day meeting of the 58 member Governing Council of UN-Habitat in Nairobi, Kenya?
    1. Rajnath Singh
    2. Narendra Modi
    3. Venkaih Naidu
    4. Arun Jaidey
  32. Recently the Andhra Pradesh State government has approved the selection of __________ Consortium (Original Project Proponent-OPP) as the master developer for the start-up area measuring 6.84 square kilometres under the Swiss Challenge method.
    1. Italy
    2. Singapore
    3. Malaysia
    4. Canada
  33. Recently the last flight of an Airbus 320 flight that was of Pakistan International Airlines' (PIA) takes off. This was operated between :
    1. New Delhi - Lahore
    2. Hyderabad- Rawalpindi
    3. Mumbai- Karachi
    4. Kolkata- Islamabad
  34. Recently who became France's youngest-ever President ?
    1. Nicolas Sarkozi
    2. Francois Hollande
    3. Emmanuel Macron
    4. Marine Le Pen
  35. According to the Sunday Times Rich List 2017, who is/ are the wealthiest person/s in Britain?
    1. Laxmi Niwas Mittel
    2. Srichand and Gopichand Hinduja
    3. Tom Nathan
    4. Annil Agarwal
  36. Which two countries are planning on using Google Maps to help resolve a border dispute ?
    1. India and Nepal
    2. India and Bangladesh
    3. India and Pakistan
    4. Pakistan and Afghanistan
  37. After nearly three years, India will restart a permanent audit office' in __________  to conduct quality inspections of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), raw materials from which drugs are made.
    1. Japan
    2. Canada
    3. China
    4. Indonesia
  38. 29th series of India-Indonesia CORPAT, with the opening ceremony is conducted from 09 -12 May 17 at :
    1. Kochi
    2. Vizag
    3. Port Blair
    4. Paradeep
  39. The 2017 Orwell Prize, Britain's most prestigious prize for political writing, was bestowed upon ?
    1. John Bew
    2. Paula Hawkins
    3. Stephanie Garber
    4. Angie Thomas
  40. Recently which ministry inaugurated "Udaan- A Sports Conclave"?
    1. Ministry of Civil Aviation
    2. Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports
    3. Ministry of Home Affairs
    4. Ministry of Railways
  41. Recently the National Highways Authority of India has launched masala bonds in :
    1. NYSE
    2. NASDAQ
    3. LSE
    4. SGX Nifty
  42. Recently the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has initiated 'prompt corrective action' on which of the following bank that will restrict bank from hiring, opening branches and giving loans?
    1. Dena Bank
    2. Union Bank of India
    3. Syndicate Bank
    4. IDBI Bank
  43. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu received 'Transformative Chief Administer' award bestowed on him by the :
    1. Australia-India Business Council
    2. Canada-India Business Council
    3. UK-India Business Council
    4. US-India Business Council
  44. Recently, the NBA announced the setting up of its academy in India at:
    1. Navi Mumbai
    2. Greater Noida
    3. Pune
    4. Jaipur
  45. Who Crowned As Miss India World 2017 ?
    1. Manushi Chhillar
    2. Sana Dua
    3. Priyanka Kumari
    4. Shefali Sood
  46. Which Indian woman cricketer has become the leading wicket-taker in women's ODIs recently ?
    1. Shikha Pandey
    2. Jhulan Goswami
    3. Nooshin Al Khadeer
    4. Neetu David
  47. According to IMD, India may receive a higher rainfall this year than previously predicted, citing the weakening of the El Nino phenomenon. El Nino is a climatic phenomenon which is the warm phase of the cycle develops in:
    1. Atlantic Ocean
    2. Pacific Ocean
    3. Indian Ocean
    4. Arctic Ocean
  48. Prime Minister Narendra Modi participated in the International UN Vesak Day hosted by :
    1. Myanmar
    2. Thailand
    3. Maldives
    4. Sri Lanka
  49. Name the newly elected President of South Korea ?
    1. Moon Jae-in
    2. Hwang Kyo-ahn
    3. Goh Kun
    4. Hwang Kyo-ahn
  50. Name the 1st Israeli Author who won the Man Booker International Prize for his book A Horse Walks Into a Bar ?
    1. David Grossman
    2. Katherine Arden
    3. V.E. Schwab
    4. Fredrik Backman 
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