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July 01, 2017

General Awareness Study Material: Important Tips to Learn

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General awareness study is one of the most critical aspects civil services exam preparations. Fortunately for aspiring takers, there are numerous resources, study materials, and notes that are available online, including articles that are specifically created to help you ace your test—whether it be an itemised exam, a general awareness paper, or an actual interview. In addition to these study materials, you will find many useful resources for studying general awareness in the form of: 

  • Periodicals and newspapers – One of the best ways to gain general awareness is reading the periodicals daily. Making a habit of reading the news opens your mind to the things happening around. Reading and studying more than one publication is advisable (The Telegraph, The Times of India, and The Hindu, are good papers to study) so you can get balanced views on pressing issues of the day. Online news sites are also great sources of general awareness materials. In fact, they are preferred by many because they offer more real-time updates than their printed counterparts.
  • Current affairs programs – If you learn better by listening and watching rather than reading a bunch of news articles, a good work around would be tuning in some of the best current affairs and special programs on local and international news channels. Spending at least an hour a day watching current events programs and specials can hugely improve your general awareness. Web news resources even provide you more flexibility by making the same programs available to you at a time that is most convenient, so you never have to miss a beat or work around airing schedules that may interfere with other important activities.
  • Study notes – Writing down important terms and details you think will likely appear on your general awareness exam is also good practice, as you retain information better as you write them down.
  • Magazines and books – There are also plenty of general knowledge magazines and books that you can turn to for additional information. Some good resources would be business and sports magazines, journals, and even lifestyle magazines that feature current trends.
  • Online quizzes – Practising for your general awareness exam is always a good idea. There are countless mock tests that you can take for free online. These online quizzes don’t only help you gauge your knowledge about general information, but also help you evaluate how you will most likely perform during your actual exam.

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