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March 15, 2017

SBI PO 2017 : How to clear Reasoning Section with Good Marks ?

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Tips to clear Reasoning Section of Bank Exams with Good Marks

Reasoning, mildly put can turn out to be your golden goose. You can either score heavily or waste a lot of time and still score less. This section rewards your hardwork and training. The more you have prepared, the better you score.

Categorization will help you prioritize questions based on your skills and the time consumed in solving each category. Reasoning questions in IBPS and other bank exams can be divided into three categories :

Easy and less time consuming Questions :
Irrespective of whether your reasoning abilities are strong or weak, these questions should be your first target. They are fairly easy to attempt, take less time and have higher accuracy. These questions fall in the following topics :
  • Classification/ Odd pair
  • Series Completion/ Analogy
  • Direction based tests/ Direction Sense Test
  • Number, Ranking & Time Sequence Test
  • Alphabet test/ Dictionary
Medium Difficulty Level Questions :

The second category of questions in the reasoning section. You can expect around 15- 17 questions from it. The time taken and accuracy percent in these questions will depend upon how much time you have spent practicing these questions before the exam. Try answering questions from the following topics and if you are not able to achieve high accuracy in any particular topic then our recommendation would be to avoid them in exam. There is no need to take extra risk. The mantra is to get high accuracy in less time. The medium difficulty level topics are :
  • Syllogisms 
  • Inequalities
  • Blood Relations 
  • Coding Decoding
  • Data Sufficiency
Remaining comes under third category. 

For candidates who have average to weak reasoning skills the above two categories combined are enough to clear the sectional cut off as well as score some marks for overall cut off. Remember if you get stuck on a question you would lose precious time which you could otherwise use for scoring well in other sections of exam.

Source S. Arun Mohan

Shared by Shravan Varma Gadhiraju
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