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March 10, 2017

Meet the winner of Saraswati Samman 2016 - Mahabaleshwar Sail

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Noted Konkani author Mahabaleshwar Sail has been honored with the prestegious Saraswati Samman award for the year 2016. He was honored with this award for his novel titled Hawthan, a book published in 2009 about the cultural map of the traditional potter community of Goa.

About Mahabaleshwar Sail
  • Sail is a bilingual writer who writes in Marathi and Konkani.
  • Most of his short stories and novels are translated into English and Hindi.
  • He is best known for his work, ‘Paltadcho Munis’, which inspired a film by the same name.
  • Some of his famous books are :
  • Paltadcho Munis
  • Kali Ganga
  • Aranyakand (Forest Saga)
  • Tandav
  • Age of Frenzy
About Saraswati Samman
  • Saraswati Samman is an annual award for literary works (prose or poetry) in any 22 Indian language listed in Schedule VIII of the Constitution of India. This award was instituted in the year 1991 by K. K. Birla Foundation.
  • This award has been named after the Indian goddess of learning Saraswathi and is considered to be the highest literary award in India.
  • The award comprises a cash prize of Rs 15 lakh and a citation.
  • Last year Jammu-born poet and novelist Padma Sachdev was honored with Saraswati Samman 2015 for her autobiography 'Chitt-Chete' written in Dogri language. 
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