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March 13, 2017

Gr8 Topic of the Day - Should Student politics be banned in India ?

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Today's topic - Should Student politics be banned in India ?

With raising tensions in college politics, resulting in controversies and deaths (!!!), its time to decide if we should have a reason now to ban politics in all educational institutions - be it school, college or universities. Do you support the participation of young people in politics? And what are your thoughts about this topic ? Feel free to express your opinion in the comment section.

Points in Favor of Youth in Politics :
  • By making politics accessible to youth, the negative perceptions on politics can be slowly erased in minds of young people.
  • Comparatively young people have less responsibilities and more zeal towards the betterment of society.
  • Fresh and innovative ideas.
  • India is one of the youngest democracies having 65% of its population below the 35 years. But the percentage of the young MPs is just 13% in the parliament, which is a drawback to the representativeness of the democracy.
  • Older politicians has to prove their loyalty to their political parties by supporting their authoritarian practices because of the long term commitment to their parties. Young people are at advantage in this case, because for them, ideals and ideas dominate their commitment to the political parties.
  • Policies effecting youth can be framed by young people themselves rather than old politicians, who most probably cannot feel the contemporary problems young people are facing.
  • The involvement of young people in politics ensures inclusiveness.
  • Youth are tend to more enthusiastic, energetic and flexible.
Points Against Youth in Politics :
  • At present, Politics are not accessible to the common young people. Maximum of the young politicians of the present generation are from political families.
  • Now a days, politics became caste based and biased. 
  • They lack experience. Experience teaches tolerance and the ability to have realistic visions.
  • Young people can easily be manipulated and can be used as mere puppets in the hands of older politicians. This can be clearly seen in the violence and destruction of public properties by a few student groups.
  • Young people tend to have idealistic and unrealistic visions for society, which may not be successful in implementation.
  • No incentives for political participation.
  • Threat to life, if they are sincere.
For the sake of new participants, here are the rules to participate
  • If you find some grammatical error, point it politely. Don't make fun of it.
  • Respect the other candidates. Please don't use abusive language. 
  • None of you are allowed to share or ask any personal details here.
  • Don’t write stuff like “You are getting repetitive”, “Your English is not good” or “Will you do fraandship with me ?” etc.  We are here to learn, please don't forget it.  
  • Please keep in mind that we are doing this to improve our knowledge and English writing skills. Nobody is perfect. So, don't hesitate to write whatever you feel is correct.
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