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March 21, 2017

Gr8 Topic of the Day - My Favorite Movie

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Today's topic - My Favorite Movie

All of us enjoy watching good, artistic, relevant and meaningful films. Indian Cinema has produced many great and timeless films like 3 idiots, Anand, Sholay, Chak De India etc.

But we all have one favourite film, which we have seen many times over. Even now, whenever, there is an opportunity to see it, we do not miss it because its appeal.Every time we see it, we find something new, something fascinating missed before. Today we want you to tell us about that one film which you like the most.

What is your favorite movie ? Describe the characters, the story and what you Liked the most and the least about the movie ? In your OWN WORDS.  Here are the conditions. 

Conditions :
  • Please don't just copy and paste movie stories from internet. This is just a fun way to develop your English writing skills. You get nothing by cheating yourself. 
  • You can refer to wikipedia or any other movie website for your reference. But the condition is, you need to Tell about your favorite movie in your own words. 
  • Just writing the story in 2-3 lines won't Suffice. You need to say why you liked it / what made you to like it the most. 
  • Also please don't say that my favorite actor / actress is there in the movie, so I liked it.

For the sake of new participants, here are the rules to participate
  • If you find some grammatical error, point it politely. Don't make fun of it.
  • Respect the other candidates. Please don't use abusive language. 
  • None of you are allowed to share or ask any personal details here.
  • Don’t write stuff like “You are getting repetitive”, “Your English is not good” or “Will you do fraandship with me ?” etc.  We are here to learn, please don't forget it.  
  • Please keep in mind that we are doing this to improve our knowledge and English writing skills. Nobody is perfect. So, don't hesitate to write whatever you feel is correct.
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