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June 07, 2018

Essay - Communication Face to Face or Facebook

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Communication Face to Face or Facebook

  • Internet changes our ways of communication.
  • Social media plays an important role in personal as well as professional life.
  • Online communication becomes easy with a smart phone. 
  • The essence of personal touch is lost from our life. 
  • Through social media only partial personal feelings can be shared. 
  • Importance of value of face to face communication. 
  • The advantages of technology are limited, but useful.
We are living in the times of internet and social media where most of the communication is done
online. The Facebook and Skype communication dominate our interaction with our personal and professional acquaintances. Gone are the golden days when people used to sit together and enjoy the face to face interactions. The regular one to one interactions are .replaced by the web conferencing, instant messaging and e-mails.

The social media has played an important role in reviving and connecting with the old pals and family through its medium. Individuals who are living away from their families remain connected with them. At the professional level, organisations have found a new channel of communication through the use of online platforms. These platforms are blessing in disguise for the organisations which have their presence at multiple geographic locations. These medium makes us feel superficially connected with each other. The online communication comes easy on the pocket. With a smartphone and mobile application, these medium can be easily operated and managed by people of all the age groups. The video conferencing enables the person to see the other person live across the camera, which provides a psychological satisfaction. Thanks to the technology, the barriers of geographical distances have been successfully overcome.

But amidst all these we are losing on nurturing our personal relations. The essence of personal touch is lost on these medium. There were times when people believed in sharing their joys and sorrows with each other. People used to actually care for each other irrespective of their gender, age and castes. The selfless and strong bonds successfully stood the test of time. Although there were limited medium of communication, people were more aware of their surroundings. Nobody was alone ever. They used to indulge in one to one socialising which strengthened their social skills. With the advancement in technology, people have been successful in overcoming the geographical boundaries. But the emotional distances have increased. The face to face communication helps to develop a personal rapport. People understand each others' gestures, feeling and emotions. The facial expressions of happiness and sadness are incomparable. The body language speaks volumes about the person. The simple gestures such as a firm handshake, looking into the eyes of an individual reflect different facets of the mood and personality of an individual. The people involved in face to face communication enjoy the undivided attention of each other which is not true in the case of messaging and e-mails.

Rather there are chances of developing misunderstandings due to the misinterpretation of the information. The words can be easily misinterpreted if they are isolated from the body language. The facial expression, physical gestures, and the emotional tone in one's voice alter the meaning of the words, which is why it is very difficult to express fully and authentically in an email or text or even in front of a Skype screen. In a way, only partial messages are sent and received in this form of communication.

Nothing can replace the value of face-to-face communication. The personal and professional problems can be better sorted out while talking face to face with each other. Often there is also a synergy that is achieved which ignites discussion and innovative thinking. One can brainstorm more easily and solve a handful of problems. Sadly people communicate more often with family and friends because of technology, but the quality of that communication has become weaker. The people are spending more time on the online platforms and this has played a havoc with their interpersonal skills. Today's tech- savvy generation is actually struggling to understand emotions and create strong relationships. Their socialising is limited to the screens of laptops and mobile devices. People are unable to develop their verbal skills and emotional intelligence. This is hampering the overall growth and development of an individual.

However, it is not that all technology is bad and inhibits emotional exchanges. Web conferencing in the case of Skype is much better than the written form of conversation such as messaging. It is important for us to understand that where we should use which type of communication. It is impossible for a manager to travel to different geographical locations to meet the clients. In such cases, web conferencing comes to his rescue as a pocket friendly and quick option. However, a text or Facebook message can never express the emotions of sadness across to the other person in their times of need. Besides, the humans are social animals whose survival is based on their ability to communicate with each other. This is why it is important to develop one's interpersonal skills in which face to face communication has an important role to play.

Difficult Words with Meanings :
  • Dominate control
  • Acquaintances familiarity
  • Disguise alter in appearance or nature
  • Authentically genuinely
  • Synergy additive
  • Ignites expolde
  • Hovac devastation
  • Savvy understanding
shared by Nisheeta Mirchandani
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