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March 17, 2017

Banking Awareness Quiz for IBPS PO 2017 - Set 115

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  1. ____________ is raised in capital markets
    1. Funds through long term securities
    2. Long term loans through Govt. securities
    3. Medium term loans
    4. Short - term instruments
    5. None of the above
  2. Interest on Government securities on fixed basis is known as : 
    1. Bank rate
    2. Coupon
    3. Prime Lending Rate
    4. Bench mark PLR
    5. None of the above
  3. What is meant by development Oriented banking ? 
    1. Infrastructure financing 
    2. Extending loans to States, which are least developed
    3. Taking up the task of development of the economy by providing support to under privileged sections of the society
    4. All of the above
    5. None of the above
  4. The main function of SIDBI is
    1. Promotion of SSI 
    2. Finance of SSI 
    3. Development of SSI 
    4. All of the above 
    5. None of the above
  5. When a bank returns a cheque unpaid, it is called ?
    1. Payment of the cheque 
    2. Drawing of the cheque 
    3. Cancelling of the cheque 
    4. Dishonour of the cheque
    5. Taking of the cheque 
  6. RBI pays interest on CRR balances of banks at  ____________ 
    1. Bank Rate
    2. Repo Rate
    3. Bank Rate minus 2%
    4. Zero % 
    5. None of the above 
  7. The Bank should comply and intimate the compliance of Award to Ombudsman within  ____________ 
    1. 2 Months 
    2. 3 months 
    3. One month 
    4. One year 
    5. None of the above 
  8. What are the features of selective credit control ? 
    1. They distinguish between essential and nonessential uses of Bank credit 
    2. Only nonessential uses are brought under the scope of Credit Bank controls 
    3. They affect not only the lenders but also the borrowers 
    4. All the above 
    5. None of the above 
  9. Which of the following are the targets for different categories of priority sector ?
    1. Overall target 40% of net Bank credit
    2. Agriculture loans (direct and indirect) 18%
    3. Priority sector target for fore-ign Banks is 32% 
    4. All of the above 
    5. None of the above
  10. Which of the following can be called as intermediary in the Financial System ? 
    1. Insurance companies 
    2. Banking companies 
    3. Mutual funds
    4. All of the above 
    5. None of the above 
  11. A depositor wants to give nomination in favour of a Needy Charitable Trust. Is it acceptable to the banker ? 
    1. Yes, anyone can be a nominee 
    2. No, only a blood relative should be a nominee
    3. As per the discretion of the Branch Manager 
    4. No, as per Nomination Guide lines only Individuals can be nominated as Nominee and not institutions
    5. None of the above 
  12. Which of the following is not an India based credit rating agency ? 
    1. CRISIL 
    2. CARE 
    3. Standard & Poor
    4. ICRA 
    5. None of the above 
  13. SMERA is an SME Rating Agency in India meant for ? 
    1. Rating on credit worthiness of MSME 
    2. Rating on Quality Management 
    3. Rating on Training System 
    4. Rating on Technology usage in the organization 
    5. None of the above 
  14. Which of the following is not insured by the DICGC ? 
    1. All Indian commercial Banks 
    2. Foreign Banks branches functioning in India
    3. Local Area Banks 
    4. Cooperative Banks 
    5. Primary cooperative societies
  15. Which of the following is not a feature of Recurring Deposit Account ?
    1. Rate of interest will be higher than Savings Bank Account 
    2. Loan facility is available on Recurring Deposit 
    3. No TDS on the interest earned
    4. Premature closure of the Recurring Deposit Account is not allowed 
    5. None of the above
  16. Cash Reserve Ratio is to be maintained by banks with reference to which of the following ? 
    1. Time liabilities
    2. Demand liabilities 
    3. Time and demand liabilities
    4. Net demand and time liabilities 
    5. None of the above
  17. What is the minimum CRR as per the relevant Act ? 
    1. No minimum 
    2. 4% 
    3. 3% 
    4. 6% 
    5. 8%
  18. Which of the following is not true in case of SARFAESI Act 2002 ? 
    1. Banks can take action of recovery of loan, in case of NPA, without intervention of court 
    2. Minimum Rs 1.00 lakh overdue should be in the loan account 
    3. Sixty days notice to be given under the Act to the defaulted borrower 
    4. SARFAESI Act can be implemented even if one installment in term loan is overdue 
    5. All of the above
  19. The main function of an Asset Management Company is : 
    1. Hold the securities of various schemes 
    2. Manage the funds by making investments in various types of securities 
    3. Hold its property for the benefit of the unit holders 
    4. Act on behalf of SEBI
    5. All of the above
  20. Which kind of assistance is provided by EXIM Bank to Indian Companies ? 
    1. Direct loans to exporters 
    2. Technology services 
    3. Credit for export of capital goods 
    4. 1 and 2 
    5. All of the above
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