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February 07, 2017

IBPS PO VI Interview Experience - Anmol Agarwal

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Hii All

This is Anmol Agarwal.. After RRB PO I am going to share my interview experience of IBPS PO


Date. 07 feb Morning

Panel 2

In my panel total 5 members(4 M, 1F)
I am the 3rd Candidate of my panel... So I got a chance for interview very early..

I knock the door and asked permission to enter..

ME yes sir.
M1 What they asked?
Me I told the questions...
M1 tell me the answers...

M2 Tell me the today newspaper headlines..
Me . I told about Writ against Shasikala and RBI monetary Committee meating..
M3. In which duration RBI declare this review?
Me 2 months...
F1. U did btech in CSE.. so tell me how can you use ur skill in banking?
Me.. I told about some subjects and also relate with banking.
M1 What is UPI ? and BHIM?
me answered..
M1 You are going to post in remote location in village so tell me how will you manage?
Me.. answered.

M2 You know many people in rural area cant read or write then how can you use ur skill for them?
Me.. I told him about BHIM App that in future after connecting with AADHAAR.. anyone can pay by using their thumb(during the question they specify that illetrate people can oly use their thumb..)

M3 What is global warming?

me.. Answered

M2 what are the gases that are responsible for it?
Me i told him about Co2 and C2F5

M3.. So u are talking about thumb and all what we call this technology?
Me i said BIOMETRIC..
They said thankyou Anmol you may leave....
I thanked them...

So friends this is my interview experience....
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