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February 09, 2017

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu News Paper" - 6th February 2017

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Hai  Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu dated 6th February 2017. You can click on the Titles to read the Editorials. Happy reading :)

Note : There were no editorials in THE HINDU on 5th February 2017 (Sunday)

Hindu Editorial Topic 1 : "Targeting old scourges"
  • Scourge - something that causes a lot of trouble or harm
  • Communicable - able to be given from one person to another
  • Enormous - extremely large
  • Tuberculosis - a serious infectious disease that can attack many parts of a person's body, especially their lungs
  • Leishmaniasis - a disease caused by a parasite (a small creature that lives in the body of other creatures), which can affect the skin, mouth, or organs inside the body
  • Leprosy - an infectious disease that damages a person's nerves and skin
    English News Paper Vocabulary
  • Measles - an infectious disease that produces small, red spots all over the body
  • Incongruous - unusual or different from what is around or from what is generally happening
  • Emerging - starting to exist
  • Purse strings - the spending of money by a family, company, or country
  • Expenditure - the total amount of money that a government or person spends
  • Ambitious - if a plan or idea is ambitious, it needs a great amount of skill and effort to be successful or be achieved
  • Burden - something difficult or unpleasant that you have to deal with or worry about
  • Concrete - based on facts and information
  • Flawed - not perfect, or containing mistakes
  • Integration - the process of becoming a full member of a group or society, and becoming involved completely in its activities
  • Practitioner - someone involved in a skilled job or activity
  • Monitoring - to regularly check something or watch someone in order to find out what is happening
  • Campaign - a series of actions intended to produce political or social change
  • Complacency - a complacent attitude or way of behaving
  • Self-congratulatory - showing you are very proud of what you have done, in a way that annoys other people
  • Prevalence - existing very commonly or happening often
  • Endemism - very common, or strongly established in a place or situation
  • Progressing - continuing to develop or moving forward
  • Envisaged - to have something as a plan or an intention
  • Rehabilitation - the action of restoring someone to health or normal life through training and therapy after imprisonment, addiction, or illness
  • Weak spot - a weak part in something
  • Underreport - to say that you have done, earned, sold, etc., less than you really have
  • Confined - to limit an activity, person, or problem in some way
  • Protozoal - a very small living thing made up of only one cell
  • Reservoir - a large quantity of something that can be used
  • Vector - an insect or animal that carries a disease from one animal or plant to another
  • Sand fly - a small fly that lives in warm regions of Asia, Africa, and southern Europe. It can spread disease when it bites
  • Holds the key - to have control of something
  • Protocol - the system of rules and acceptable behaviour used at official ceremonies and occasions
  • Pursued - to follow a course of activity
Hindu Editorial Topic 2 : "Road to the Élysée Palace"
  • Road to something - a process or series of events that will achieve something or have a particular result
  • Momentum - progress or development that is becoming faster or stronger
  • Likely - probably going to happen, or probably true
  • Engulfed - to surround and cover something or someone completely
  • Allegation - a statement, made without giving proof, that someone has done something wrong or illegal
  • Linger - to take a long time to leave or disappear
  • Rival - a person, group, etc. competing with others for the same thing or in the same area
  • Disenchanted - no longer believing in the value of something, especially having learned of the problems with it
  • Ideological - based on a set of beliefs or principles, especially one on which a political system, party, or organization is based
  • Drift - to go from one state to another without realizing it
  • Acuity - the ability to see or think very clearly and quickly
  • Prospect - the possibility of being successful, especially at work
  • Adopt - to decide to start using a particular idea, plan, or method
  • Spectrum - range
  • Palatable - acceptable
  • Nativist - a person who believes that the people who were born in a country are more important than immigrants (people who have come to live in the country from somewhere else)
  • Neck-and-neck - involved in a close race, competition etc
  • Altered - changed
  • Significantly - in a way that is easy to see or by a large amount
  • Respondent - someone who answers questions, especially on a questionnaire (a set of written questions) or for an opinion poll
  • Bolster - to support or improve something or make it stronger
  • Migrant - a person that travels to a different country or place, often in order to find work
  • Populist - representing or relating to the ideas and opinions of ordinary people
  • Opponent - someone who is competing against you
  • Mainstream - considered ordinary or normal and accepted or used by most people
  • Unravel - to understand something complicated by thinking about it for a long time
  • Destabilising - to cause problems for a country, government, or person in authority so that they become less effective
  • Tolerance - the attitude of someone who is willing to accept someone else’s beliefs, way of life etc without criticizing them even if they disagree with them

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